rolling weekend


rolling weekend
slow mornings
bubbling ideas of making and creating
for me and also
Monkey craft projects
that bring a smile
that centres and stills
listening to rain
on little plants growing
simple food delights
remembering to breathe
dipping hands in dough
preserving the season
giggles with hide and seek
a kids party
tired little feet
which brings on
afternoon snuggly siestas
holding that moment


* Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my reconnecting with nature, city style post. Every comment was truly appreciated, thank you for taking that time. Some reminded me of things, some inspired me and some just prompted me to do more.

19 thoughts on “rolling weekend

  1. Just read the post you refer to above, sorry that I missed it earlier. Sounds like you’re having a lovely weekend right now – snuggly siestas – I could do with one of those, it’s damp and grey today here!


  2. Crafting and food – sounds like the ideal weekend to me! I made a batch of strawberry jam last weekend too. Surely beats the shop variety for taste doesn’t it? Your bread looks amazing too!


  3. Love the little monkey’s eyes and hair behind those cardboard rolls!
    And your fabrics are lovely in shades of blue and green.
    Bread and jam are always high on my list of good things.
    A truly satisfying post all around, Brydie.
    I’m inspired to do SOMETHING!


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