Golden light rye rolls

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day.

Travelling overseas, it was always breakfast time that excited me the most. What did the locals eat? How did they start their day?

Germany was always my favourite. A substantial rye bread, cheese, meat and muesli. I read once that the German breakfast was the best way to start the day in terms of low GI and giving lasting energy through out the day. Compared to their neighbouring companions in Italy, who often start the day with a strong coffee and some sweet biscuits to dunk in. Not that I didn’t like that breakfast as well, however I would quite often be hungry two hours later. By lunch time I would be chasing my tail, eyes looking vague and softly muttering oh please feed me.

Malaysia I was also happy with. Eggs and roti (roti telur) being readily available, a little sambal on the side with some tea laced with condensed milk to wash it all down. There’s quite a lot to like of condensed milk early in the morning.

Bagni di Lucca had posted recently on eating breakfast in Finland. While smoked salmon and I are not friends, the picture of the rye bread rolls, remained at the fore front of my brain until I just had to have a go at baking the little fellas.

I enjoyed them so much, there have been at least four batches since. Just the thing to start your day with. It’s not a bowl of cafe au lait, or a straight off the hot plate roti telur. But teamed up with some tarty marmalade and cheese or some avocado/black pepper and tomato and I’m a happy mama. Giving me lots of energy to think about my next meal…

Golden light rye rolls

200g starter (100%)

250g strong bakers flour

100g rye flour

50g golden flaxseed

200mls+ water (approx, may need more.)

1 tsp dark malt flour

1 tsp salt


1 tbls rye flour

80mls boiling water

Mixing ingredients together. Resting period of about 40 minutes before adding the salt, mix again plus a quick fold. Prove. Shape. Now make up the rye water mixture. (I first did this for this 100% rye, and wanted a similar soft top.) Slowly adding your boiling water, while quickly whisking your rye flour. Once mixed together just leave it until the bread is finished the final prove. Just before the bread rolls go in to bake add a good spoonful of the rye mixture to the top, smoothing it over. Squirt with water and pop in the oven at 240 with steam.

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41 thoughts on “Golden light rye rolls

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I love the look of your bread rolls!! I’m with you on the German thing. I think they do the absolute best bread, with so many delicious varieties and their breakfasts are excellent.
    Strangely when I eat my sfoglia and cappuccino in Italy it keeps me going for ages and I love it so. I will be sinking my fangs into a sfoglia for breakfast on 9th October, not that I am counting the days.


  2. I think breakfast could be my favourite time / meal of the day if I had more time to enjoy it. A leisurely breakfast with a good coffee and the newspaper is blissful, but sadly that only seems to happen on holidays.

    Happily, these rolls look like they would work at any time of day 🙂


    • Asian breakfasts are superb. I once ate a fancy pantsy hotel in Bangkok that had a whole floor offering up buffet breakfasts from every corner of the world. You didn’t need anything else to eat for another 12 hours.


  3. great rolls brydie..a lot of greeks survive on a coffee and a cigarette for breakfast but others have bread with cheese and olives..when i am there i like to track down the best place to buy spanakopitta (spinach pie) or bougatsa (a custard filled flakey pastry thing dredged with icing sugar and cinnamon) and then there is greek yoghurt of course which i could live on..


    • I think a lot of Mediterranean cultures would exist on the same, caffeine and nicotine. Mr Chocolate always says that of his time in Spain, that a lot of people would be having it and I’ve certainly seen a whole lot in Italy existing on an sugar laiden espresso and a smoke.
      Give me bread cheese and olives anyday though 🙂

      Bougatsa…now I think that might have to go on my ‘to do’ list.


  4. Well now, don’t these tasty morsels look tempting! Tell me, where would I find golden flaxseed? Health food shop?

    I like the shape of them this shape have a name? And I am so pleased to find another member for the ‘morning tea laced with condensed milk’ appreciation society!


    • Yep health food shop or even old Woolies I’ve seen it. It’s just linseed but golden and not brown. Gives it a ‘goldeny’ smell when ever I put it in bread. The shape probably does have a name but I’m not sure.

      As for the appreciation society… I stand solidly.


  5. I love breakfast – nay I love a leisurely brunch which I am not up early and rushing about – but I do find it frustrating in many places both in Australia and abroad where I have to work around my dislike of tea, coffee, eggs and meat – lucky I love bread – I always remember the croissants and hot chocolate in a hostel in paris – now that was a great way to start the day!


  6. Fabulous looking rolls – lovely sheen to them.

    We’re constantly being told that oats (porridge/museli) fill you up until lunch. Not me. I’m fine if I can have fruit and yogurt or fruit and buttered toast/bread though. That makes me happy.


  7. lovely bread that I most definitely will copy soon. breakfast is also my favo but often I don’t know what to do with it…


  8. Good looking rolls!
    Could I please check the recipe – you don’t appear to add any extra water, but 350g flour & 50g seeds to 200g starter – this feels as if it needs around 235-245 water added for the autolyse?


    • Salilah thank you! I can’t believe that post got so far without the water. I’ve edited it but can’t find my original measurements. When I make them again I will be able to edit it properly, but you are right that amount of water sounds about right.
      Thanks again.


      • No problem! I didn’t have any malt flour so left this out – I did 250g water giving 70% hydration – which is quite high but I thought with the amount of rye (which soaks up more) it should work. Nice rolls! I did 6 from this quantity – nowhere nearly as well shaped as yours – I also used linseed as I didn’t have flaxseed. Will post on TFL and send people back here for the original!
        best wishes


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