late afternoon



 Afternoons, when the sun goes down just a little later

two boys on bikes whizz by

I lay in the grass, breathing in the earths smell, only a second or two

until two little legs land with a plop on my back

Hoss mama, hoss! The obligatory horse ride, the giggles

the whizz by again on the two bikes

laughing, and concentration as they get used to their new wheels beneath them

a grassy pile is gathered up on the small of my back

I lay still while she concentrates so very carefully,

continues and then in a green flurry she’s gone

whisked high up into the air by strong trusted hands

giggling again as she lands on his shoulders

the bikes slowly peddle homeward, the infectious giggles continue

and the sun drops that bit lower,

late afternoon

 it’s time to go home.


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