anticipation and spring

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I flicked the calendar page over. September…spring.

A turn of a new page and suddenly there was new beginnings, a sense of anticipation.  There are a few things happening in September for me and I like it, I’ve loved the build up. The quiet non chalence of the months before, knowing that time never stands still and things will always roll on was kind of lovely to think of. A feeling that helped ground me a little when things felt all too much. Now Spring is here, her sunny days and all of her, well… sunny expectancy.

Yes, maybe that’s how I’m seeing September.

All of September.

With a little anticipation and a little sunny expectancy.

19 thoughts on “anticipation and spring

  1. Spring is a magic season – a time of birth and new possibilities and a reminder of how the world is constantly changing and evolving. It’s probably my favourite time of year. Happy Spring to you and yours Brydie x


  2. Yay for daisy chains! Lovely photos Brydie. I’m with you – so pleased Spring has wafted in. It’s my favourite season, and the weather in Melb has been gorgeous. We dipped our toes in the sea after dinner 2 nights ago.


  3. The first day of spring was magnificent here in Tassie. Drop dead gorgeous sunny day and a great reminder that although we almost washed off our hill and most of our topsoil is now residing in the Tamar River, summer will soon be here! 🙂


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