In my kitchen

In my kitchen sat my absolute favourite pie in whole wide universe…. lemon meringue. It had been a while since I had made it and Monkey Boy asked ever so nicely if I would. I didn’t want to disappoint, so made it, gave him a small slice, and packed him off to bed. This left me to admire a rather large slice of my own. Lemon meringue pie is one of those lick the bowl when your done kind of moments. Yep, it really is.

And I would have been crazy not to make one, as I had these fat gifted backyard lemons sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be loved.

A trial of aΒ Pear and Ginger Slice. Amazingly enough I actually followed a recipe this time. It wasn’t bad, I would tweak it a little to cater more to my taste buds. But definitely not bad.

The last of my dad’s pumpkins. The orange of the flesh in these pumpkins has been amazing. Nothing like a super market bought one what so ever. I’m still thinking about my pumpkiny options.

My new mixer love arrived. Oh my sweet, sweet goodness how I love it! (Very, very nerdy post to come soon.)

In my kitchen, there has been quite a lot of my staple salad. I very rarely tire of eating kale… which is lucky, as there is quite a bit around at the moment.

and lastly, in my kitchen sits two new pans. I’m not usually one to buy new kitchen gadgets just for the sake of it, (despite desperately needing a new cooking pot- as I had burnt the crap out of one of my usuals.) Mr Chocolate wanted these, and if it had just been me, there is no way I would have got them. Thankfully I did though, as I am hooked. Cooked on low to medium, ceramic coating, no oil used, heats up really quickly, (and makes a perfect pancake!)

What’s been happening in your kitchen?

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48 thoughts on “In my kitchen

  1. Brydie, I can’t WAIT to hear about your mixer! Excited to find out which one you finally went for! Your lemon meringue pie looks divine, and good to know you’re liking the neoflam cookware – we bought ceramic frypans this year as well, but they’re already all marked up! (Very non-stick though!). xxx


    • Misky, judging from all the comments about the pie, I think lemon meringue might be firm favourite with a lot of people. So many people, including your good self have such wonderful taste πŸ™‚ Lemon meringue pie… it really is the bees knees.


  2. “Gifted backyard lemons”- it is always such a joy to hear of backyard lemons, Brydie. Here we have windfall apples, overloaded plum trees, and lots of blueberries to share- bur never lemons! Your pie looks delicious- and wasn’t Monkey Boy clever to ask so nicely!?
    I always love your kitchen!


  3. I’m really enjoying getting into UK seasonal produce. I have a farmers market literally 2mins from my front door in London and I’ve been visiting every Saturday.

    A few locals farms have stalls. Apples, pears, pumpkins, parsnips, carrot, celariac, plums and cob nuts. I’m just picking a few things up and experimenting.

    The mixer post can’t possibly be nerdy enough…

    Rye starter had it’s second feed tonight. Not much action yet, but hopefully soon!


    • Now that is exciting Richard. I do like the beginnings of a starter. The unknown, will the bubbles happen, is the starter happy?

      “can’t possibly be nerdy enough”…I’ll keep that in mind when I’ve written 2000 words on a mixer review πŸ™‚


  4. Love the new pans and the new mixer. How lovely to receive pumpkins and lemons that are freshly grown and I can totally believe these are nothing like the rubbish we’re forced to buy at the supermarkets – bland, tasteless and full of pesticides and chemicals. I love lemon meringue pie – it’s one of my most favourite desserts xx


  5. Oh yum. There’s something so satisfying about lemon meringue pie. I look forward to hearing about the new mixer. And my goodness, those new pots are just beautiful! Sometimes a cook’s just gotta splurge!


  6. Exciting things in your kitchen this month. love your bright pans and ditto the lemon meringue .there isnt enough lemon meringue opie


  7. I love the orange of your new cookware – luckily I am often tempted by new cookware – I wouldn’t like to wait for E to decide he wanted new cookware! Your slice and salads look delicious too and home grown pumpkins sound a treat!


  8. Lemon meringue is a fave of mine too. Yours look delicious.
    How exciting to get new kitchen gadgets.
    Happy cooking.
    (I think of you every time I contemplate getting the sourdough started again. I must get organised) ; )


  9. Ah kitchen stuff …love it. This year I saved and saved and bought one of those Le Chaseur cast iron pots ….oh the casseroles that have come out of that pot are amazing.
    Lemon meringue pie looks beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could reach through the screen and try some of your lovely creations.


  10. That lemon meringue pie looks to die for – you do ‘rustic’ to perfection. Love the yellow pans – so vibrant. Gosh pumpkins are soooo expensive lately. What is going on? Since when can a pumpkin fetch $4.95 a kilo – ridiculous! Savour that pumpkin.


  11. New pans and a new mixer! How very exciting – I am sure you’re loving using them. That ginger pear slice and salad also look rather lovely and I may just tuck that ginger pear recipe aside πŸ™‚


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