hippy salad- Frugal Friday

We’re having pizza!!! sang The Monkey’s to Mr Chocolate as he closed the front door behind him.

Two grinning boys launched themselves at their father…pizza! 

Mr Chocolate looked happy too as he scanned the table tops with their proving doughs. Although, you’re not having pizza Dada, I think you’re having salad, said a sombre looking Monkey Boy. His face fell, as he looked to me to for confirmation.

Yep, mung bean salad lucky man.

(oh relax, I’m feeling generous… you can have pizza as well.)

Hippy Salad

sprouted mung beans

one can of chickpeas

one finely sliced capsicum (pepper)

one finely sliced small chilli

couple of finely sliced shallots


a couple of slugs of great local olive oil

good pinch of cumin

and dried coriander

salt/pepper to taste

pop half a clove of crushed garlic (new season- which is a bit damn exciting)

juice of half a back yard lemon,

 shake it up a bit and

add to your salad

eat with gusto… or pizza

20 thoughts on “hippy salad- Frugal Friday

  1. I read the first ingredient of your dressing as “a couple of slugs”! YIKES! LOL. I’d like to give making pizzza bases a go – is your recipe easy (for noobs like me that is)?


  2. Pizza goes very well with chickpea salad! And you don’t need to eat much of either to fill up! Great idea- and I’m glad your little ones were so happy with their own special pizza treat!


  3. So funny, I always stack big piles of rocket salad on top of my home made pizza- after it’s out of the oven of course!
    This salad sure looks like a meal in itself though too 🙂


  4. I think your relationship might have been in trouble if you served this and withheld the pizza 😀 However, if I was visiting, I’d be quite happy if you did just that. Hippy or not, it looks wonderful.


  5. Exquisite timing on this one! I saw the pic, thought surely not chickpeas on pizza?? and then I laughed away 😀 I hope you had a wonderful pizza night and the healthy salad looks just the ticket to off set the joys of melted cheese xx


  6. I love hippy salad – makes pizza taste great – though I think I would have an unhappy E at home if I made this for him without dinner – but how can sprouts not be fun with their cute little tails


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