the vegetable that everyone forgot- Frugal Friday


Remember that one? It’s got a bad rep, as the tastless tree like cousin of broccoli. It’s not though.

In season now, it’s cheap, tasty and adaptable to oodles of dishes… just right for Frugal Friday.

Cauliflower and Potato Soup

A splash of olive oil

Half a head of cauliflower

One large zucchini

Six small dutch cream or kipfler potatoes (the waxy kind)*

One cube vegetable stock (or your own if you have it)


Cook it up until soft. Then blitz it up with a hand held blender. Serve with a scattering of lightly fried sourdough breadcrumbs, for some textural crunch.

* Remember all potatoes are not created equal. A good potato can be the making of your dish.


36 thoughts on “the vegetable that everyone forgot- Frugal Friday

  1. I actually love cauliflower but it’s true, I do walk past it in the fruit shop. This is a lovely looking soup Brydie and I like how you’ve added a zucchini – I haven’t tried it with that before and I love your sour dough croutons xx


  2. I actually prefer cauli to brocc. And it’s been on the menu at least four times this week. Guess that means I’m being seasonal. Love the little spoon beside the bowl.


  3. I too love cauliflower! i love it baked, in curry, in stir fry, under much cheese sauce…yum.
    We have one just starting to flower in the veggie patch. it will be the most watched over cauliflower ever and if it grows to a decent size, will be the centrepiece of some great dinner.


  4. I never forget cauliflower but I sometimes swither about if I can use a whole one – which is silly as it is never a problems – love the curly white head of yum! Always great in soup- and we had it with pasta last weekend


  5. psst, look up cauliflower cous cous… It’s still tasteless but whizz the cauli to little bits so it looks like cous cous, steam in a cloth (presumably so the little bits don’t fall into the water) and then serve instead of a grain. Very veggie and surprisingly convincing πŸ˜‰


  6. This looks great. Nice photo too. I love cauli in just about anything. Made some cauli and chestnut soup recently – yummo. Your blog looks lovely. I’m about to have a good read of it…


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