weekend colours

buddhist temple orange citrus

cleansing yellow incense

you’ve got my attention red vine

comfortable old colourful friends

my quiet love affair with new colourful friends

new reds and greens in my kitchen from old flowers that were stashed away

new colourful interests for little baby fingers

blue winter australian sky

little person colour


Hope your weekend has been a colourful one.

34 thoughts on “weekend colours

  1. Orange trees are still brimming – isn’t it wonderful, we’re so enjoying our marvellous citrus fruit. What a vibrant post and so very appropriately named. I’ve had a marvellous weekend – high tea with ladies on Saturday and today furniture shopping for our new house in Goondiwindi. Exhausting but fun. Mitch is cooking a seafood paella as I type – peering in the pan I see loads of colour – hope it tastes good. Hope you and yours have a good week. Mariana xx


  2. These are beautiful images – the red vine has my attention too and I think I’d enjoy that colourful stack alongside the baby fingers šŸ™‚


  3. Brydie- your perspective is so spot on right. Looking at the myriad of colours in our lives and naming them gives us a chance to stop and see- to pay attention to the small bright things or the big blue expanses that frame our days. Thank you for sharing this kaleidoscope of color with us!


  4. love the way you’ve woven color through your post Brydie, the way it was woven for you through your weekend. i love especially that little person color at the end…not only the little person (adorable!) but the gesture you caught and how you’ve composed the shot. really lovely! may your week be as colorful!


    • Hi Imani, thanks for the kind words. The squares I am doing are just simple granny squares. There are lots of tutorials about on how to get started on them, (far more thorough than I would be able to tell you!) Happy crocheting šŸ™‚


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