Banana Smoothie Ice Cream

Banana Smoothie Ice Cream || cityhippyfarmgirl
 This isn’t rocket science here. It may not even be life changing…

but it might just be helpful!

What to do- Make your every day banana smoothie as you normally would (go on, add in an extra banana for good measure.) Now pop it in the freezer and leave it for a little. For ease of eating, don’t wait until it’s frozen through.

Guaranteed to make small people happy on hot summer days, and big people rather content.

To make this, I whack in…

4 bananas

1 tsp vanilla

some milk

Whizz it all up and into the freezer. Drizzle on some honey just before eating and spoon out as you would regular ice cream. Just the thing for cooling off on a hot day.


Do you have any regular foods you tweak for extra hot days?


The charm of a tiny town called Cobargo

Cobargo || cityhippyfarmgirl

I had grand plans of taking lots of pictures when I visited Cobargo. I didn’t though. It seems I got caught up in the charm of this lovely little south coast NSW town instead.

When I should have been taking beautiful pictures of the rolling green lush hills surrounding the town, I was hanging half out of the car window drinking it all in instead.

cobargo || cityhippyfarmgirl

With locally made ice cream, a health food cafe to rival any big city-sider one, an abundance of yoga classes to choose from, retro clothing shop, and an intriguing Old Butter Factory that surely is begging for someone to reside in and write their adventure filled memoirs.

This is a tiny town that I whole heartedly want to visit again. Cobargo and all your lovely charm, I will be back.

cobargo || cityhippyfarmgirl

Cobargo || cityhippyfarmgirl

Cobargo, NSW, Australia

 What’s a favourite tiny charm filled town of yours?




How does your garden grow?

chillies || cityhippyfarmgirl summer patch- ecolosophy

Our gardens couldn’t be more different. Mine in small pots, neatly aligned along a big city urban fence. A tiny garden that grows intwined with the sound of other city dwellers, the soft murmur of traffic and the occasional summertime song of hidden cicadas.

Her garden? It meanders. Through seemingly endless acres, aligned with a neighbouring rugged, blue coastline. The gentle honking song of Cape Barren Geese flying over head at dusk and dawn, and frogs…lots of frogs.

Now who’s garden am I speaking of? Well that would be Tanya from Ecolosophy (remember the one I wanted to face plant into last year?) I caught up with her recently to hear how her garden was growing and also to find out who won the giveaway.

boys and beans- ecolosophySo it’s been a little while since I face planted in your garden because of the sheer beauty of it all. What’s been growing since we last caught up?

Oh Brydie, we’ve been pretty lucky this year. Ordinarily at this time of year, our patch would have been burnt to a crisp by a few blazing hot days with northerly winds and no rain but so far we’ve had an exceptionally mild summer in Esperance, most days mid twenties, rain every so often, not a single day so far over 40 (please don’t jinx me weather fairy!) The Patch is churning out tomatoes by the bucket load so I’ve been making lots of slow roasted tomato sauce. I’ve been as inventive as possible but the yellow button squash have (FINALLY) come to an end so I can relax on finding new and exciting ways to hide them in the family meals.

My black frilly kale and I are at a standoff of sorts because on one hand, I learned how to make kale chips…and they’re lovely but on the other hand my kale just keeps getting prettier and prettier so I’m loath to remove a single leaf. Most of the greenery in the Patch now is assorted pumpkins, melons and gourds that are the obsession of my other half.

Every summertime there is a quest to grow the worlds largest vegetables (so far the biggest pumpkin has only got to about 50kg which is a few hundred kilos off the world record) but we do grow a nice big New Guinea Bean (here’s a snap of last years beans with my boys) We eat them when they’re small (about zucchini sized) but then we let them grow and grow and grow. 

That bean picture is amazing. I’ll bet the boys were impressed with them. I’m certainly impressed! Now tell me also, who won the giveaway?

Well quite a few of your lovely readers popped in to the Ecolosophy Shop and had a wander through. And one of those lucky shoppers has won themselves a sweet eco giveaway of Ecolosophy goodness. Can I get a drum roll please?….. the winner is…..Diana Sayes.

tomato window sill- ecolosophy

Excellent! Well done Diana*. Tanya your garden is once again enviable and sadly, I’m now hesitantly going to go back to my small collection of pots…hmmm, three tomatoes anyone?

tomatoes || cityhippyfarmgirl


 * Diana- Ecolosophy will be sending out your lovely little package soon.

Loving… The quiet time of summer

sunrise || cityhippyfarmgirl

There’s a warmth to the air at 5.25am. If I close my eyes it almost feels like a soft sheet brushing over my skin. I don’t though, for I’m riding. Riding to catch a sunrise. Riding in the quiet of the pre-dawn. The city around me is quiet, nobody needs my attention at this time. Too early to start the day, I have left my loved ones at home, while I ride to welcome in the sun.


It’s 12pm and it’s quiet. The chaos creators have paused in their carnage and instead direct it to their lunch plates. After a busy morning doing busyness. They have stopped for a minute or two and hungrily wolf down their food, it’s good to see after so long of sickness and not wanting to eat.

Quiet except for the odd slurp, munch and muffled noises of food appreciation. It won’t last long, their recharge time is blink and you’ll miss it.


It’s 2pm and it’s quiet. Small girls still need naps to enable them to conquer the afternoon of possible dragons, rumbles, leaping, soccer and tea parties. Air outside so hot, it drapes itself over your shoulders, if you dare to step out that is. Lulling you and everyone in its path into a sleepy slumber. Summer holiday time, and those hot weekend siestas are a welcome respite.

cityhippyfarmgirl.comcandles || cityhippyfarmgirl

It’s 9pm, and it’s quiet. A candle flickers. A summer time bug gets lured a little closer. The small ones sleep, the sleep of the contented. Nightmares have been banished for tonight as there is a small posse of dinosaurs and lego figures standing guard. The night-time sleep of summer holiday children.

Our adult voices are lowered and our thoughts quieted. Sandy shoes at the door, tell a story of late evening beach wanderings. Another hot day, but this one ending with deep chuckles and muffled belly laughs. Loving that.


[“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE]

birthing at home with… teacups

dutch by design || cityhippyfarmgirl

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the beautiful occasion of a baby being born. Being invited as a doula and as a birth photographer, gave me the wonderful priviledge of being both support person and memory capturer.

While I would adore to tell you all of the gentle birthing story of this beautiful couple, it’s not my story to tell.

What I can say though is, it was an honour to be there. And it was an honour to be a tiny part of their parenting journey.

I can also say that mama, midwife and I all have the same tea cups. These ones, that I absolutely love, and get comments on all the time. Quite a beautiful coincidence really.

Happiness in eating local

thyme || cityhippyfarmgirl

When meals are made up of bits and pieces like chocolate, pickles, thyme, plums and wine, you know life is treating you ok.

Last year I challenged myself to an Eat Local challenge throughout the year. While this year, I won’t be continuing with the same challenge, I will still be eating as much locally produced food as I can possibly get my hands on.

Summer holiday time is a great time for local and seasonal goodies. Wonderful things given as gifts, deliciousness made available because of the season, and sometimes just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

elysium || cityhippyfarmgirl

These are a few of the things that have been gracing our bench tops lately.

Gifted Spencer Cocoa, (cocoa beans grown in Vanuatu and made in Mudgee, NSW)

Pickles bought at Moruya Markets, with cucumbers grown a couple of hundred metres down the road.

Thyme from my window sill.

Plums from an organic laden orchard I was lucky enough to visit.

A wonderful bottle of Elysium wine. Bought direct from the makers, this company uses Australian natives for their wine making.

pickles || cityhippyfarmgirl

Spencer Cocoa || cityhippyfarmgirl

So good, all of them.

I didn’t enter a super market for any of those goodies, and damn, that felt good. It makes me so incredibly happy to be eating a fair chunk of our food like this.

Have a look around you, see what locally produced food you can find, let me know and let’s spread the word even further. I’m always on the look out for more small and local producers, and they in turn are always on the look out for more consumer support for their products.

Happiness really just might be, in supporting and eating local.

plums || cityhippyfarmgirl



How to use a Kelly Kettle

From rather a lot of readers I would think there would be murmurings of…”what on earth is a Kelly Kettle, let alone how to use it?” From the other small proportion of readers, there is a probably a murmuring of “Hooray for the Kelly Kettle!” Those particular murmurs might be followed up by taking the thing outside immediately, to strike a match, (just because you can and will use any excuse to use the thing….I understand. Really.)

So how does it work?

It’s a bit like a rocket stove really, (which is wonderful for me, as I’m rather partial to the idea of a built in rocket stove* within the home and being in a rented apartment doesn’t allow much of that kind of building, damn it.)

What does it need?

Twigs and leaves really, and that’s all. It creates a rip roaring fire really easily and doesn’t need much to keep it going.

Is it safe?

Yes. As long as you use your common sense, and remember NOT to leave the plug in when boiling water, it’s a really easy safe contraption to use.

What can I use it for?

Boiling water (pictured here) and also cooking. For camping I think it’s excellent, for out and about I fancy a cup of tea moments it’s great and for city dwelling rocket stove covetting kinda people well… it’s the bees knees.

Far more detailed descriptions can be found on the Kelly Kettle website.

*Google the rocket stoves if you haven’t looked before. Some of the ones that are built within the house are so inspiring, it’s almost breathtaking.



Things you do when you are not in the city

The lead up to the Summer holidays were a little bit angst ridden round these parts. There was rather a lot of breath holding, a lot of thinking, a lot of worrying and maybe a few tense words pushed about. When things aren’t particularly in your control, but effecting your loved ones in different ways, well, things can be a little stressful.

Then the storm finally passes, and you exhale just a little. A long, slow exhalation, that hadn’t been there for what feels like a very, very long time.

And then, you exhale a little more.

So what does one do with loved ones after a lengthy period of worrying breath holding?

You get out of the city, that’s what you do.

pizza making || cityhippyfarmgirl


While you are out, you might also….

Make pizza, lots of it. Enough for a small clan anyway.

Start to build a veggie patch just because you can.

Play board games with family members that don’t often come together. (Also get introduced to the eye water laughing of Cards Against Humanity.)

Afternoon siestas are compulsory. Especially after Christmas pneumonia for a small one.

The beach finds it’s way inside with tramping sandy feet.

Food tastes better as it’s lingered over, and chewed rather than gulped…ahh, the novelty of it all.

Gardens are visited. Big ones with cars on the edges.

books to read || cityhippyfarmgirl

sourdough || cityhippyfarmgirl

Books are contemplated and thought over. Instead of trapped under “stuff” that needs tending to first. There isn’t hours of lingering book reading, but there are consecutive minutes and that’s a good thing. (Nikki Gemmell your writing is the bees knees.)

Of course some bread gets made. Double Spelt sourdough, (wholemeal spelt flour and cooked wholegrain spelt in these.)

Thinking also comes in much needed extended periods instead of five second snippits. As a mother of three, and woman of many, many thoughts. This is also a good thing. Actually it’s a marvellous thing.


Tell me, what have you been up to?


Let’s do this 2015

2015 || cityhippyfarmgirl

A new day,

and a brand spanking new year.


Those numbers sound so, well, futuristic don’t they.


If I summed it up in one word,

I’d probably say- intense.

This year, I’d like it to be a little less intense and lot more,

well, connected would be lovely (pretty please.)

Yep, that sounds good.

A connected year to come,

let’s do this 2015.


How about you? Any hopes, plans, words for the new year?