Time for a seasonal siesta

It’s time for a seasonal siesta.

But before I draw the curtains and pop open the prosecco. I just wanted to thank you  lovely readers, for coming along for the ride. Whether you are a long term reader or just bouncing in for the first time. In a world where there a gazillion web pages to choose from to read, I truly appreciate that you’ve taken the time to stop by here.

See you in 2018 for more posts on simple connected living.

(or instagram if you are want to say hello over the blog siesta period 🙂


7 thoughts on “Time for a seasonal siesta

  1. I’ll miss my Saturday night updates dear friend. Congratulations on a year of entertaining us, making us think, sharing your beautiful photos with us and basically in a world of a lot of websites being one that delivers a regular dose of warmth.

    Have a beautiful siesta and ooh yes pop that prosecco.

    Fran xx


  2. Enjoy your siesta Brydie, I look forward to your musings next year. In the meantime I’ll be busy learning how to use my Ankarsrum Assistent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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