pregnant bellies

There are four pregnant bellies in my life at the moment. All with beautiful rounded baby bellies and all due within 10 weeks of each other.

Seeing one of my friends recently, and it’s hard to keep my hands to myself. That swollen belly seems to radiate all that is good in the world.

My hands draw nearer, it’s like there is a magnetic force pulling them. There is an energy that seems to surround her swollen tummy. An unseen aura whispering “I’m here, I’m here..’ I try to hold back but my hands draw closer, willing and wanting to connect with the still growing life force within my beautiful friend’s belly.

She indulges me. One gentle double hand placed on her growing belly.

Pregnancy does funny things to taste buds. Odd things you may never have eaten before become an item of ‘must have now’, only to be replaced by something completely different just a few hours later.

Mr Chocolate learnt very quickly to act on these impulses if it was something he liked as well. Mountainous burger with chips and caramelised onions on the side?

Quick for the love of god, quick!

If he was at work, and the taste for a burger was indicated through a text message from me. He would most assuredly be greeted by me on the couch with a bowl of cereal, by the time he had hurriedly made it home through peak city traffic.

Sorry babe, window period closed.

A soft sigh would be heard, shoulders would slump and perhaps a few mutterings of maybe next time, could be heard.

Lobster pasta with Lemon Meringue Pie could be turned in to a white bread and cheese sandwich, (followed by a bowl of cereal) in the matter of minutes.

You had to be quick, as the taste buds set the pace. Dictating what to eat and what not to eat at a frantic pace.

For any men who are reading this and are yet to experience this hormonal taste bud dictatorship, just go with the flow. Your blossoming partner will be back with regular taste buds in no time.

So my advice. Go get that peanut butter covered wagyu burger while you can.