Swedish Pancake Cake (and the joy of getting older)

Swedish Pancake Cake

I just had a birthday.

Another year gone where I have taken breath, a breath that has been held while diving into the oceans, a breath that can hasten while riding up steep hills on a bike. A breath that can sing songs with my kids for no other reason than it feels good to sing with them. That same breath that has been granted to me, just got to blow out a candle that signified another year passed, and for that I’m incredibly grateful.

I don’t begrudge the late thirties grey hairs, I don’t shower hate on the lined page on which I write my age. I love that I am here. I could easily not be.

With my accrued numbers, I’ve played, learnt wonderful new things, talked deep into the night, eaten dishes that have delighted the taste buds, sobbed entire afternoons away, drunk deep weekend coffees in my favourite cup, had three kids that have pushed me to dizzy limits I didn’t know existed, while they’ve also exploded my heart with delirious happiness and exquisite divine love.

All of these, along with 68790 daily other things have helped create the evolving lucky layered person I am today.

Luck yes. I do feel lucky to be here as so many people who wanted to be, simply aren’t. To be able to age it’s a wonderful and curious thing. So how does it feel to be in my late 30’s?

Well at this age, choices can be contemplated and ideas are challenged, (and I love that.)

At this age I’ve got a fair idea of what I like, and what I don’t like, (which makes things a hell of a lot easier.)

At this age, I know what my body needs and what it doesn’t, (I just have to make sure that I listen.)

At this age, it feels far more confident than 28 ever did, (and hooray to that I say!)

Now I know at whatever number my age may sit, there will always be an endless supply of curiosities to discover, of thoughts to think, and of a diverse array of people to learn from. And with the time that I’m granted? Well I intend to go seek out as many of them as possible, until that simple act of getting older, well it just isn’t an option any longer.

swedish pancake cake 1 || cityhippyfarmgirl

A Swedish Pancake Cake seemed like a sensible idea to celebrate another year gone by. 

This was the first time I had made one, and I’m quietly hooked. Layered, pancakes, berries, no sugar and a second slice yes please.

Swedish Pancake Cake

What you’ll need:

your favourite pancake/crepe recipe (keep them fairly thin and then build them up)

mascarpone and cream whipped together with some vanilla and honey to sweeten

mixed berries

and some extra honey drizzled over the top