Autumn, you are confused…and I’m worried

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With 10 days to go before winter technically starts, Autumn isn’t looking overly well…autumnal.

As I write this it’s a sunny 26C, the sea temperature is as lovely as it was in peak summer. The tomatoes are still flourishing, again like mid summer. The sun is still with a bite to it that makes you seek shade, sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat, (responsible sun use in this country is not something to be taken lightly.)

While a recent trip to the Blue Mountains saw lots of beautiful Autumn colour changes, this isn’t particularly evident closer to sea level. It’s simply too warm, too dry and with that I have a garden regularly gasping for water.

I live in an area where there should be seasonal changes showing by now, and when those differences are rather minute?

I can’t help but be a bit worried.


How about you? Are your seasons as they should be? Is there rain?