Royal Easter Show

 On a soggy Saturday we headed to the Royal Easter Show. Raincoats, boots and snacks were packed. Monkey Boy had his eye firmly on a ride. Little Monkey wanted to see the cows. Mr Chocolate wanted to see the photography and I wanted to check out the baked goodies section. The Royal Easter Show is a yearly event that brings a little country to the city. There was a smell of roasting corn and hot donuts in the air. People scurried about with their dripping umbrellas and plastic ponchos, running from cover to cover.

With Gortex firmly in hand, (and a camera with a dying battery) we had lots of things to see…

 There were dogs with big ears

 dogs with big ears hidden under shower caps

 There were wonderful fruit and vegetable displays. This year drawing on urban farming and sustainability as a common theme.

 The winning display from S.E QLD. Lots of little details to look at.

There were the ever present surprised looking clowns

 All the usual places to spend a lot of money.

  Some sleek fat bottomed cows.

 the unusual looking spotty chooks

delicious and highly prized fruitcake

 the not so cluey guinea fowls

and at the end of the day, it’s always good to find a warm place and have a little kip.