Crostata di Marmellata

What did you make for dessert Mama?

Crostata di Marmellata


Jam Tart little fella, jam tart.

It just sounds better when you say it in Italian. I was flicking through an old Gourmet Traveller and came across this delicious looking recipe. I needed something for the following day. Friends were coming for brunch and crostata di marmellata looked like it could be on the menu.

Adding some apple to the rhubarb jam, and slightly changing the recipe around- this was really tasty. The rhubarb jam I had a lot left over and the pastry not quite enough to do the lattice. So will have to make another to use up the left over jam… damn it. I think this one could become a firm family favourite.

Rhubarb was something that was always in my Nana’s garden. I don’t remember her cooking a whole lot with it, but it was always there. A Nana likes to have options you see. In the fruit shops or supermarket it always looks so tired looking and picked about a year ago. Then I came across some at the fox studios farmers markets– and hurray it was crispy, looked like it had been picked that morning and was just begging to be made in to something.

Rhubarb and Apple Jam

400gms chopped rhubarb

400gms chopped apple

800gms raw sugar

2 long strips of lemon peel

1 split vanilla pod

200mls water

Cook up, in the usual jam fashion. Simmering gently until jam has thickened and wrinkles (put small dish in freezer for 10 minutes, spoon small amount of jam on to it, if thickens and wrinkles, jam is ready.)


180 gms flour
60 gms icing sugar
50 gms almond meal
1 lemon grated rind
1/2 tps vanilla extract
100 gms butter
1 egg
water (can’t remember how much I put in, enough to get dough like consistency)

Soften butter and mix in with dry ingredients until resembles breadcrumbs. Add vanilla, egg, water and grated rind. Knead well, until all incorporated. Chill until pastry is managable to roll out, and not be too soft. Roll out to desired shaped dish, add the jam and cook at 170C until golden.