what’s shakin’ in my kitchen this month


There has been a whole lot of things happening in my kitchen lately, which means a truck sized amount of dishes to balance that out.

There have been delicate raspberries to sit on top of a birthday cake. Little Monkey was keen on eating them before they got to the top of the cake and had to be repeatedly reminded that weren’t getting to the cake via his mouth.

hearts copy

Simple vanilla biscuits for Valentines Day.

summersalad1 copy

Surprisingly tasty seasonal salads, with a salute to summer.

cityhippyfarmgirl copy

A goody hamper very kindly given to me, full of ohhhh so many good things.

his and hers copy

On my kitchen table sat, his and her ice cream after a remarkably crappy day….yep, that really does make things a whole lot better. (Maggie Beer your ice cream is ridiculously deliciously delectable, making them in smaller containers was a wise, wise choice.)


New old kitchen tea towels. Excellent quality and someone has already broken them in for me, which means none of that not-soaking-up-moisture business when they are still new.little feet

And on my kitchen floor stands my little helper. Chubby fingers wrapping around my legs, while I cook and bake, as she sings me her baby song.


What’s shakin’ in your kitchen?

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