Bad tempered chocolatiers

Time is really precious in this household. There is not  a lot of it spent as a family all together- so when it does, it’s precious and really looked forward to. Sundays are a day usually crammed full of as many lovely things as we can. Yesterday being Sunday that’s just what we did.

Fast forward to 10.30, the in-laws were over, and the monkeys sidetracked. Time we got cracking in the kitchen, with trying to temper chocolate. Last time my husband (Mr Chocolate) and I tried to temper, we followed a well-known English chocolatiers’ instructions. Obviously this world re-known Chocolatier with many fancy shops doesn’t know what he is talking about as we couldn’t do it. The chocolate was bad tempered (excuse the pun) from the start. Ok, we thought, thats alright we will just try again. (Ok, maybe it was our handy work rather than the world re-known chocolatiers instructions….. maybe.)

Which brings us to yesterday. Change a few things around from last attempt and away we go. Follow instructions, and…. nothing. Heat damaged, again.

Inlaws are still here, so we try and fix it, lets do it again we say. Result?…. still bad tempered cranky chocolate…. Right, now its really starting to bug us. The kids are asleep, give it ONE more go and then we really need to start getting ready to go to a friends house. Again, cranky bloody chocolate, and two cranky little chocolatiers. Four and half hours later and we have three types of flavoured chocolates and truffles, our own orange paste, and box full of messy looking badly tempered chocolate to take as a goodbye gift to a friend. Many mutterings of what a waste of time, we could have done sooo many other things, how disappointing. etc…. etc….

So what did we learn?

* Tempering chocolate is time consuming when you don’t know what you are doing.

* Orange paste is delicious, and well worth the effort of making.

* Making chocolate is messy business, and your daily chocolate intake rises dramatically when you “have” to keep  trying the different flavours you have concocted to make sure they are ok.

* Badly tempered chocolate will still be eaten by good friends, who say it is delicious. Thats why they are good friends.