A tiny garden unfurls

nasturtium || cityhippyfarmgirl

It being October and all, it seems Spring has thrown a little of it’s extra super growing power into my tiny potted garden.

At night when we sleep, everything seems to power on ahead. Green-berries become blue, nasturtiums run rampant, cumquats multiple, and volunteer tomato plants declare any unclaimed space their own.

For a tiny garden that comes from a few plastic and ceramic pots in a shaded concrete courtyard, well, I’m absolutely delighted to watch the unfurling.

What are you growing at the moment?

permaculture in pots || cityhippyfarmgirl

mint || cityhippyfarmgirlblueberries || cityhippyfarmgirl

It being October also means, the nation wide Garage Sale Trail is coming up this weekend. An easy way to sell on a few things you don’t need anymore, get to know your neighbours, make stronger ties in your community and perhaps even schnaffle a few bargains for your self.

The Garage Sale Trail is on this Saturday 24th October.