Plum Vanilla Jam

Yesterday i made the most amazing jam I think I have made in my jamy career. Heaven! You could eat a bowl full of it.

Plum Vanilla Jam. Sooo tasty. You know when you cook something and you are hoping that it will turn out and it’s all looking like it should be and then you go to taste it and it far exceeds your expectations?… well, it was one of those moments anyway. I was still excited about that batch when I went to bed last night!

My only trouble at the moment- not enough jars. I have abundance of fruit and not enough jars. I am on a jar recruitment drive at the moment so am hoping that I can get a few more from other people. As we don’t seem to go through that many glass jars, and I can’t see the point in buying them when people are tossing out perfectly good ones.

So what went in it?

Plums-    1.6k

Vanilla bean pod-    1

sugar-    1 kilo

lemon juice –   1 lemon

Well worth the effort, and it comes out this beautiful rich red colour.

(Present idea– cut a round piece of material to go over the top lid, attach with some cooking twine and tuck an antique/opshop teaspoon through the twine.)