How to tell a farmer you love them

Farmers’ Markets. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it another 5000 times.

I love them.

Having that contact with the growers and producers makes the food taste so much better for it. Knowing that my rhubarb was picked the day before. My milk comes from a single herd, and my tomato comes from an heirloom variety thrills me to bits. (A feeling I don’t tend to get coming out of the supermarket.)

Visiting Orange Grove Farmers Market recently I was actually quite excited to see the place had grown since I was last there. At 8.45am the place was jumping. Baskets were emptying, queues to pay were forming and independent stall holders were all doing their thing.

With the recent devastating floods around the country, I feel this is the time to make that special effort to support our local producers. By shopping like this I am showing my support for what they do. Giving them some love in the form of our dollar. For an idea of what it is like as a farmer on the other end please read Kate’s, (from Daylesford Organics) recent post. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be.

Buying straight from the producers gives you a freshness that just can’t compete with buying in a supermarket. That oddly misshaped heirloom tomato the size of a babies head, you are not going to find it in your leading supermarket. Tasting of summer, with seeds squirting down your chin. Team that up with some locally made cheese and you are in business.

Heirloom, natural, organic, single herd, artisan, picked yesterday, seasonal, fresh, locally grown….it’s all there, just go take a peek. Our job is the easy one, go that extra kilometre, pay that extra dollar and show them your love.