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not six months, ten months, 11 months…but one. You are now one whole year old.

One year ago I was given the honour and priviledge of giving birth to you, my daughter.  Peacefully, at home, in water. This quiet undisturbed birth opened my eyes to what birth really can be.

Thinking this week on how you made your entrance to this world, I still feel humbled, amazed and oh, so much love… Surely a heart should burst with that amount of love?

Thinking of the way you swam into both mine and your father’s waiting hands, the yellow afternoon sun warming the apartment walls. The doorbell buzzing just five seconds after first sitting back in the pool and holding you to my chest.

I’m forever indebted to our amazing midwife who gave me the courage and trust to know what to do and how to calmly do it.

Thank you sweet girl for choosing us. For letting us experience birth the way that we did. For sharing with us the sheer joy you have for water. The giggles, the dimples, the splash of your mermaid tail, bring us all happiness that really is contagious.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.