old stuff is the new… well new

Ikea has got nothing on this place. Looking for something for the kitchen? It’s there. Feel like revamping your lounge room? Have a look around. A one off wooden bookshelf? There is a number to choose from.

This place has got everything, absolutely everything… and if you don’t mind, I’ll take everything. Oh wait that’s not going to work, I live in a small flat. Alright, I’ll be selective.

Antiques, collectables, things that need a little work, things that look brand new. I could have taken a hundred photos but instead I got side tracked and was running my sticky fingers over numerous pieces of furniture and other kitchen goodies.

As I have recently finished watching Mad Men, it’s hard not to get happy- squealy- excited about the vast array of retro (mad men type decor) furniture.

My advice, if you are after something new and want it to look a little different. Skip the chain stores and have a peak at your local second hand dealers. There is probably something just waiting to be snapped up and loved right now.

If you live in Sydney, this place is an Aladdin’s cave.

Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre.