Pet envy

Sometimes I really miss having a pet. I know I have the worms, but I sometimes I need a little more to love. I had always grown up with a various menagerie around me. From dogs, cats, chooks, mice, rabbits, guinea fowl, fish. There was always something to love. Living in a flat in the city, yes we could get a small dog or cat. However the moment just hasn’t seemed right yet. The added responsibility for me isn’t something I have been ready for. We don’t have a backyard, and The Monkeys keep me occupied enough for the moment.

The Monkeys however, I think would really benefit from having a pet around. Everyone benefits from it. Pets bring a certain amount of joy to people’s lives. So I had to go looking for a pet… that we could give back. Off to the local Vets, with our noses squashed against the glass, we eyed off the Re-home Kitten… Wonder if she needs some love?

The Veterinary hospital is really big. Holiday homing an array of animals, a day grooming room along with the usual run of pets in need of help. The window had been full of kittens that needed a home and now there was one left, and she was getting cuddles whether she wanted them or not. I put on a big smile and asked sweetly whether there were any animals we could cuddle for a while. The staff were really kind and brought out the little kitten straight away, and then also a 6 month old terrier X that was boarding with them as well.

Enter Peggy…ah Peggy.

She stole my heart and is yet to give it back. If I could have taken her home that afternoon I would have. Space and responsibility be damned. 45 minutes later, the staff had let us maul their pup and kitten long enough. It was time to give them back. We left smelling of dog shampoo and covered in fur. The Monkeys and I were smiling from ear to ear. I had got the pet therapy I had been after and Monkey Boy…well he knew we were going to the playground next.

For people living in cities wanting a bit of pet therapy there are a few ways to get it. Quite often animal rescue outlets are happy for you to come in and help “socialize” some of their re-home pets. This helps them see which animals are suitable for children, families, singles’, etc. These outlets along with veterinarians may need help with cleaning out cages, dog walking etc. You never know what a big friendly smile will get you.