trying something new

At the beginning of May the lovely Kate set a challenge to herself to do a motif a day in May, and asked if anyone else would like to play along by setting their own challenges for May.

I did, I wanted to play. My challenge was to crochet a little every day, as I wanted to get better. Not show stoppingly better just better than the very, very basics I did know. I wanted to understand what the hell all of these terms meant like, hdc2tog, sc, treble clusters etc. So I did, and now it makes a little more sense instead of looking at it as if I was reading ancient Greek. May is now over and I’m determined to keep practising and keep getting better, (as everyone needs a hat with flaps and ears I think.)

Coming to the end of the month, I came across this short TED talk. He talks of trying something new for 30 days. I was in again. It didn’t have to be big, it could be really quite small. Teeny tiny steps towards doing something I would like to do.

I still want to keep crocheting to get better, so I think I’ll keep that one. It might not be every day, but it will be there for a whole lot of it. I thought I might also try two other challenges during June. One, I want to make each person in our family laugh. Not by performing a slapstick comedy routine, but just to find a genuine chuckle each day from them. My second thing I want to do is read about coal seam gas. Not technically your usual combinations, but important ones for me this month anyway.

I asked Mr Chocolate and Monkey Boy if they would like to play along. A lovely yes from Mr Chocolate. He is going to practise playing his new ukulele each day. Monkey Boy was a bit unsure about the whole thing. But he was happy enough at the suggestion that he and I read a little of a special book every day, and Wind in the Willows we are starting off with.

How about you? Feel like doing something each day in June?


* I really was so very humbled by all your lovely comments from my last post. That sort of honesty that so many of you wrote about in the comments is invaluable. Not only for me but for any other mums out there that might be reading and not commenting. So really, a heart felt thank you.


I’ve been inspired by the city and all it has to offer this week.

My city. The city I often dream of leaving and forget to utilise it for the wonderful things that happen within it.

Happy chats with friends over coffee.

The Sydney Writers Festival. After waiting ten years to finally do something from it, I squashed in four sessions this week.

A wonderful workshop with Mark Dapin.

A funny talk on ‘Mirth of a Nation’– Has Australia lost it’s ability to laugh at it self? With Richard Glover and others.

An enlightening examination of  ‘The ten desires that drive us’ with social researcher, Hugh Mackay.

And a truly inspiring session on Family Politics with Ingrid Betancourt, Fatima Bhutto and Aminatta Forna, talking with Maxine McKew.

These women…. so much to think about. No photos were allowed, but I did scribble lots of notes to reflect on. To write of their strength and resilience, doesn’t even begin to capture the essence of these formidable women.

Add in a visit to the State Library to see the Moran Photographic Exhibition. Beautiful photographs, in a space that encourages creativity and thought.

The last week has encouraged me to take better photographs, write more, learn more, question things and simply take a minute to stop and just be.

I’m inspired.