in my kitchen…

There has been a flurry of activity in my kitchen lately. Dishes are stacking up, ideas are being scribbled down, the floor is strewn with flour, and the cupboards have mysterious small grubby hand prints on them…

In my kitchen, is a cooling tray of gingerbread men, all ready to be bundled together for a little girl’s birthday.

In my kitchen is a waiting patiently gnome fairy that needs a new home for the same little girl’s birthday. The wings are a little shonky, but I’m hoping she won’t be scrutinising.

In my kitchen, is a whole heap of sourdough action. Portions of Suzie are being sent all over the neighbourhood, with less than satisfactory instructions of what to do with her (from my part.) Fingers crossed for everyone involved. May the sourdough gods be generous to all her new followers.

In my kitchen is some slashing practise after reading Zeb Bakes’ very informative post. The thing is, I got nervous. I was about to start and I hesitated… I stalled….oh the pressure! I don’t usually think so much about the technique, so hesitating made it pull a little. Mr Chocolate said that looks really good, which was nice, but it wasn’t the look I was aiming for though. There will be a whole lot more slashing practising from now on.

In my kitchen is the new ‘Feast’ magazine from SBS. I don’t get any magazines except for our gifted Sanctuary subscription, and I don’t watch so many cooking shows these days, but the magazine combines all that is wonderful from SBS, food, different cultures, and great articles in the one  magazine. Loving it. Especially as there is a roti canai recipe in there that looks completely do-able, and so far the old roti has eluded me.

In my kitchen is a bowl full of my dad’s back yard limes, whispering words of marmalade, cake, and juice to me….


What’s happening in your kitchen?

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