Stollen is a traditional German cake usually eaten at Christmas time. Filled with spices, fruit and nuts, then dusted with icing sugar. The shape is to represent an all wrapped up baby Jesus.

So, I had procrastinated for too long about whether to make this or not. Yes, no, yes, no…. To make or not to make?

Why would I make it?…

Because it’s delicious, I hadn’t made one before. Panettone was too daunting. I love all things German. I could sneak some marzipan in there. It would be a good Christmas cake to have. Doesn’t take a whole day (or several) to make…

Why wouldn’t I make it?…

Time factor. I’m squishing in quite a few things as it is, did I really need one more to add to the list? Not too many other dried fruit fans going to be around at Christmas…(no wait, that was a reason TO make it.)

Right let’s get cracking.

I had come across this delightful recipe. Who in turn had tweaked it from another German baker. Both sounded delicious, and as my german language skills are limited to asking how someone has slept, I opted for the English recipe.

Now obviously I can’t just follow a recipe to the letter, so a few tiny tweaks of my own were in order.

* 500gms of a mixture of sultanas, mixed fruit, macadamias, glace ginger, glace cherries, and almond flakes.

* I may have been a little heavy handed with the rum. My hand slipped and that’s the story I’m sticking with.

* Some Stollen has marzipan rolled within the dough log. This recipe didn’t have it. However, as my middle name is marzipan, I thought I should pop it in.

The shape wasn’t as easy as I had originally thought, however that just means I have to make it again and practise a little, (oh well. ) I hadn’t tucked in the top part enough, so there was a little unfurling.

Now I’m dying to cut into it. Smell it, see how it’s looking, but apparently it will taste better once ripened in a couple of days.  Also, as these are to be taken else where and given to others, I couldn’t cut in to for photo purposes. (Although it was rather close, I nearly did.)

Fingers crossed it’s as delicious as I hope it is.

And for something completely different…a little Christmas in the city.