loving… talented and passionate people

I think…rather a lot. Sometimes probably a little too much, (and some times not often enough) but this week I’ve been thinking about some amazingly talented people, and truly loving the passion that they spread on to others near by.


Loving beautiful books that come in the mail. If Kate’s words and wonderful pictures don’t make you want to go retro caravaning around the place, I don’t know what will. The sweetest, loveliest book.

Loving this music video clip. It makes me smile, it transfixes my little people and makes me happy to say I know this talented man. Live vocal looping is not something that many people have heard of, in a nutshell it’s layer upon layer of music coming from his voice, (not one instrument and all performed live.) Larry T Hill is also pretty amazing for having hitch hiked 28,000km last year around the country, has an upcoming sailing trip to Sri Lanka, and an enthusiasm or passion for life that is pretty much unrivaled. This is the man who helped bumped me into the blogosphere, (and he’s also my cousin-yay!)

Loving Milkwood’s new video. Not a lot else to say except…it’s awesome, and they are awesome, and you’d be mad not to do a course through them if it’s at all possible.

Three snapshots of three very different people showing a little part of how very talented and passionate they all are, doing what they do best.

Loving that.


How about you? Want to share a talented and passionate person with me?

“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE