Grass under the toes

It’s moments like last night that I love living in Sydney. A free outdoor concert, showing three ridiculously talented Australian bands, (part of the Sydney Festival.)

Did The Monkeys want to go? You betcha.

Did Mr Chocolate want to go? Yes indeed.

Did this city hippy mama with a big tummy want to kick off her birkinstock and feel some grass beneath her toes while listening to some tunes? Damn straight she did.

It was The Monkeys first concert. A line up of Busby Marou, Kasey Chambers and Dan Sultan, all music they love. Sure they like The Wiggles too, but watching my boys rock out to Dan Sultan…well that just brings a totally different smile to my face.


What have you been up to this weekend?

Any music been making your head bop and toes stomp?