Darkened clouds and melancholy skies

There is a lure of the dark and stormy that is hard to define. A pull, an almost blank slate of ideas where anything is possible. Imagination seems to heightened, of which is always a good thing. My imagination on a sunny day…ahhh, it’s really just not the same. Give me bleak, cold, wet, shades of grey misery and the words, they can be coaxed out.

Settle in, and I’ll tell you a story….


As the boat pulled away from the dock, any other colours seemed to slip away along with it. Behind us, the trailing flag billowed- like a hopeful sea flare, a last shot of colour across a melancholy sky.

Time had reversed and dragged me along with it. Now onboard with three strangers I stood. Ready and waiting for the expectant onslaught of shots soon to break out. Their names were known to me but their faces I was new to recognising. My cold clammy hand was offered on meeting, as together…

Yes we would do this.



The island loomed large and it was with shuffled wet feet the four of us made our way across. Eyes darting from left to right, this was the place alright. The place we had heard of from long before.

As the darkened clouds paused in their rainy offerings, the sheer size of the cold place loomed ahead. Vast cavernous spaces that made me pull my thin woollen sleeves just that bit closer.

Dark and scarred lines at every turn. The whispers of others long gone were within these walls. Trapped on bench tops, and stuffed in slots, their stories were all there. Just waiting. Waiting to get out.



With lingering feet we traipsed on, the buildings continuing to rise out of the mud. As the day had dawned hours beforehand, my nerves had threatened to knock over my obligatory last cup of tepid tea. Not now though. My nerves seemed to have dissolved into the very mud in which our feet had slid into. Instead a peacefulness sat inside, an almost contentment.

While I knew only vaguely of what was to come next, what I did know was that I was with like minded souls. Strangers we had been but together we would do this, together we were going to take the shots and take it all in as it fell around us.


cityhippyfarmgirl.comWith fingers looped through fencing, and thoughts left to drift alone. A lone seagull seemed to watch on, also taking it all in. It was almost like he knew.

He knew what was to come.

A boats horn bellowing in the distance heralded the inevitable.

It was time.


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