Winter solstice

Winter solstice sunrise swim.

An early morning, when you question your sanity briefly, while taking off your two jackets, looped woollen scarf and gloves.

To submerge your exposed white body in water that threatens to take your entire breath away.

Hold tight you got this one.

Exhale and in.

(And of course it was worth it. Every. Single. Time.)


For the fellow sea lovers out there. Take a peek at this truly beautiful little film. Divine.


14 thoughts on “Winter solstice

  1. You are an inspiration… I’m not likely to ever jump in the beach at dawn in winter… but I can face my personal challenges the way you do this every day. You have amazing strength to do this.


      • I think water temperature was 6 degrees – air temp probably 0 degrees or less as it has been snowing there a lot recently.


    • There are so many things about it that I just can’t shake. Cinematography, obviously beautiful. So simple, gentle yes…but the mental strength to be able to do that? Makes you want to step up a notch surely. Just incredible. (Glad you liked it Jane. x)


  2. I watched spellbound. I am terrified of dark water and there is no way I would do this voluntarily. Such a beautiful film.


  3. I love the water, swimming being immersed but as beautiful as that film was, I was almost having a panic attack just watching.
    Thanks for sharing


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