Gone Fishing…

gone fishing || cityhippyfarmgirl

gone fishing….see you in January dear readers.


(there is still lurking to be had on instagram and facebook however.)

12 thoughts on “Gone Fishing…

  1. Hi Brydie, I’ve just dropped by to wish you a very happy new year, and also to say my thank you for all your fascinating posts over the past year. I admire your ability to adapt the city life you have to the country life you’d like – such a skill and a talent, and something I’ve been trying to do myself in different ways over the past 30 years or so (but with the advantage of a good piece of rented growing land close to my home).
    So – I’m intrigued to see what you come up with in 2016, and I’m sure that whatever it is will be interesting and stimulating and inspiring.
    I hope you’re having a good break, and come back feeling refreshed and ready for whatever 2016 throws at you!
    All the best, Deborah xxxx


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