The smell of change

the little baker || cityhippyfarmgirl

There is a smell of change in the air.

A subtle hint at first,

almost ignored.

But not now,

not now that the distinctive aroma of different is settling in and around.

I wonder what all this will brew?

I’m crazy nervous, and a bit excited. A big breath, and a long exhale right?

I’m pushing around more thoughts in my head at the moment than should be humanly possible. Things will be hard, things will be different, things will be…well changed.

There’s a smell of change in the air, and it’s no longer possible to ignore.


I also thought I’d take a moment to check in with you guys, the readers.

While I can go off my stats and behind the scenes blog details I do love to hear things straight up. If you are a long time reader of cityhippyfarmgirl, I thank you. If you are a short time reader, hey hello there, awesome to have you here and again thank you.

Now tell me, what is it that keeps you coming back to this site? I don’t mean in a shower me in compliments and let me bathe in blogging glory kinda way, I mean which bits do you like? Which bits don’t work for you, which bits do you want more of?

Would you like to read more bread posts, how to’s, community stories, links to other like-minded people and companies, recipes, frugal living tips, photography, or just the general ‘rambles, waffles and digressions’?

There is a new year coming up and like a blank piece of paper, the possibilities are deliciously endless… errr, saying that it’s highly unlikely I’ll be doing sponsored posts for nestle and huggies any time soon. But if it’s in the umbrella term of, hit me with your requests if you have them. Bonus points for obscurity! (If you would prefer to shoot me an email rather than leave a comment, I promise I won’t bite…cityhippyfarmgirl(at)gmail(dot)com)

29 thoughts on “The smell of change

  1. I haven’t been receiving posts for some time and thought you had stopped blogging, but I dropped in to have a look and found that for some reason I was just not getting the emails so I subscribed again…and here you are. I look forward to your new posts, whatever they are.


  2. I’m here for every post dear girl, I come back because I love your writing and what you write. The core that I come for is the bread, frugal living tips and recipes but I enjoy it all. I love reading about other people’s routines so your’s would be interesting. Do you clean green? I’d enjoy that too.


    • It really is so helpful to get this feed back from people, a reassess and then a rejiggle, so thank you Rose.
      Cleaning green, yep I do. Generally leave things uncleaned until they turn green…or is that not what you meant? 🙂 (I did do a post on that in the first year of blogging I think but it could definitely use an update…thanks lovely.)


  3. I have been around a long time…you are one of three of my original bloggers. The rest have gone by the way. I love the freshness of your thoughts…..would enjoy some links to others because I know they are on the same wavelength. I am 61 and living off the grid with my own veg garden, water etc., and about to go back to that other world because the property is too big for me now. So yes change is in the air, but I’ll be right here following you.


    • Marilyn so good to have you here, and thank you for continuing to read. Big changes for you too to embark on. That would be a huge change…I wonder which bits you’ll compromise on and which bits you’ll keep. It’s a big decision isn’t it.


  4. I’ve been following for a long time. I love getting my email announcement. I enjoy your style. Personal but not all about the washing or spilt milk. Your thoughts are often inspirational. I like the simple living. . Generosity. . Down to earth encouragement I find here. You remind me its possible to be a hippy anywhere. Thanks.


    • It certainly is Tamara 🙂
      As for washing and spilt milk posts, nope they’d be certainly short posts indeed. Thank you for continuing to read and letting me know which bits you like and which bits work, I really appreciate it.


  5. I love, love, love your photos; I love your (poetic/ feel good) words; I love your simple baking and your passion for making less of an impact on this precious earth; AND I love you introducing us to others that have similar philosophies about walking this earth. It feels real. It feels down-to-earth. I haven’t been here for a while but I love coming back to visit when I can. Thank you!


  6. I´m here with you since I began blogging in 2011.
    I love your short and poetic posts, your pics and your recipes.
    I´ld like to have your ability to make a few words have a lot of meanings….
    But English isn´t my first language and it´s an important barrier and also I haven´t your gift for writing either!!
    Go ahead, surprise us!


  7. The bread posts are what started it all for me and the frugal/simple living tucked nicely into my ethos. I think people want to know how to do things themselves more simply and with greater thought about how their actions will impact on their homes, their communities, their country and the world. It’s a big ripple effect and you have slotted into the wave of change that is feeling it’s way tentatively towards that direction. Are we going forwards? Are we looking backwards to learn from lessons of the past? Where the heck do we go now with the doom and gloom forecasts and the sense of pervading helplessness that tends to come over anyone who takes a peek at Global warming, peak oil etc. We need voices of hope in the void and your voice fills a niche and offers that glow of hope. Your gorgeous photography doesn’t hurt but I am not allowed to compliment you lest your head swells and you can’t fit out your front door. I have been here quite a while. I stalked your blog for quite a while prior to commenting on it. I found you through Ms Celia.


  8. Bread, food, sweets, simple living, gardening, interesting festivities or environmental events and “happenings” around Sydney. NSW adventures, ramblings, photography! So pretty much everything you already do. You have worked and shared in this space a long time and deserve to progress in to sponsored posts. I am confident it will be about things that you truely love and that I will love too.


    • Nah, happy to say sponsored posts are definitely not on the horizon, doesn’t sit with my style. If I link to a product, person, organisation it is because I actually think it rocks. (And so good to have you along for the ride Zena here. x)


  9. Hello Brydie. I love your blog for its simplicity. Although it is simple is always thoughtful, calming and inspiring. Your enthusiasm for life shines through your words and photos.

    I wouldn’t mind what you blogged about, I would keep reading. Happy holidays, see you next year x


  10. My daughter introduced me to your blog a few years ago when I didn’t know they existed. (I’m a bit slow computer-wise.) We used to live in Sydney so I enjoy your posts about the city. I like how you go into detail with your recipes. Still haven’t mastered the sour dough bread but it will happen – must try again soon. Keep on keeping on. Joy


  11. Hi there- regularly read and have done so for about a year. I love that I found someone living in the city but with a similar mindset and trying there hardest to blend that with raising a family. I found that alot of the ‘mummy blogs’ I followed were country or sea change people and I loved that I found someone who spoke to a similar experience I was having x


  12. I have been following since 2013. The photographs are amazing. I live far away over the seas now but once lived in and around Bondi and Bronte and it amazes me how your photos invoke memories buried of both a past life and my children’s growing years long gone. Your words and pictures still invoke a feeling of home and warmth. The instant thought of what I like best is Frugal Friday coupled with other recipes and sneaky peeks of someone else’s life around home. I also tend to google more of the places you visit to find out more and embark on my own little journey. I really enjoy the blog, I hope you keep going.
    PS I also used to receive email alerts but they stopped and I couldn’t start them again.
    I tried a new email but have never received an alert. It happened to a few blogs I subscribed at the same time. The wonders of Internet!


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