Lessons in Spring

blueberry flower || cityhippyfarmgirlnasturtium || cityhippyfarmgirl.comnasturtium || cityhippyfarmgirl.com

Soft scents and warmer air

protective layers are left discarded,

still green ideas are sprouting

bolting even, given the right time of day

branches and paths are studiously scrutinised

blank spaces filled in

there’s growth to be had there,

and I intend to fill it.





16 thoughts on “Lessons in Spring

  1. Blueberries and nasturiums. Both full of edible possibilities. I reckon we are in for a hot one this year. Our promised “rainy weekend” didn’t turn up and the soil is already starting to dry out with determination. I am an optimist so I am attempting to look at “bbq’s and walks on the beach and glasses of happy juice on the deck” but to hedge my bets I have cut my hair and am losing weight with a vengeance. “Summer…you shall NOT find me bewildered. You shall find a warrior ready for your battle!” 😉


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