Sustainable House Day 2015

sustainable house day || cityhippyfarmgirl

Never underestimate the amount of inspiration you can fit into a small part of a sunny Sunday afternoon.


Sustainable House Day was on again, and in a last-minute scramble, two properties were selected in the hipster strewn suburbs of the Inner West, Sydney.

One, a tiny house originally standing as miniature weatherboard cottage, now as an incredible family home that I just wanted to make a large coffee, settle into the couch and chat all things gloriously green architecture with the owners. Having our three kids in tow however and the distinct possibility of them completely dismantling the house from the very foundations of which I was admiring, well coffee on the couch wasn’t going to happen.

We did talk though, we left totally inspired along with me wondering just how, (how!) there were these amazing people who completely thought so outside the square in which we lived. I felt like a Lego piece at that point. (Still with me?)

I’d love to show you a cascade of pictures to demonstrate all that we saw, however, besides a sneak peek at their delicious garden bathroom and growing wall it wasn’t my story to tell. If this place isn’t featured in the likes of magazines I’d be surprised.

Our next point of inspiration was a deliciously cool green bursting with goodness garden. We are coming out of winter and this garden couldn’t get more enticing looking to me. Permaculture infused, multiple homemade native bee hives, vegetables at their very door step and something that had never spoken to me before, ducks.

Ducks eh….I can totally see the point now.

Our whole family came away buzzing with ideas and excited by the sneak peek into a tiny part of someone else’s lives. I feel pretty lucky we even had the opportunity.

Thanks Sustainable House Day, we’ll definitely see you again next year.

sustainable house day || cityhippyfarmgirl

Did you visit any inspiring places last weekend?

Sustainable House Day 2015

22 thoughts on “Sustainable House Day 2015

  1. I’m intrigued by the bathroom garden. It sounds more than just a hanging plant above the head and a spider plant next to the toilet rolls. Oh yes, I do! Last weekend I stayed at a Yarra Valley Estate in Melbourne who received the World Environment Day Awards for 2015 and and is committed to social sustainability. To top it off I crafting with natural fibres and dyes.


    • I was talking encouragingly to some spider plants today Zena. Whispering to them to hurry up a grow because I was getting tired of waiting. Obviously not sure if that method is a winner.
      Sounds like a wonderful weekend to be had crafting at Yarra Valley Estate. Doing stuff like that is just food for the soul isn’t it.


  2. I needed this post. I have just returned with WIDE eyes from pulling weeds in Sanctuary and taking stock of the damage that critters etc. have done to Sanctuary over the winter period. This post gave me a glimmer when I needed it most. Sometimes it is very easy to get overwhelmed. I am about to set my plodding theory into action and plod my way into getting Sanctuary up and ready for another season. “I WILL have a veggie garden!” Cheers for the lovely share and the equally lovely images Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl πŸ™‚


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  4. Why do they keep ducks? I understand people keeping chickens but why ducks? Is it for their eggs or do they play some other role in permaculture? I love the sound of the first house and how cosy and welcome it made you feel xx


  5. Just LOVE sustainable house day! And open gardens too. I’m always amazed at the simple things and wonder doh…why didn’t I think of that myself. Ducks rock…I have both ducks and chooks and ducks are the ultimate in veggie patch friendly and THE best bug eradicators! They are also super friendly, hang out and chat to you, in their own little way! Lovely pics πŸ™‚


  6. Hmmm . . You are making me think!! I have toyed with the idea of a garden bathroom, but have yet to get to that . . And ducks!! We are moving from a house to a sailboat so ducks are a distinct possibility!!!


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