Perfectly composed

I wrote a perfectly composed post while in the kitchen peeling potatoes recently. Emotionally tapped in, grammatically on the money, structured sentences not seen on this website for some time, perhaps witty even.

Unfortunately I only wrote it in my head. Didn’t quite get as far as fingers to keyboard or even a stub of a pencil to scratch the words down on the back of a shopping receipt.

Never mind, go with the flow right?

This week has been an interesting one. Within a 48 hour snapshot of it I had taken pictures at a Milkwood workshop, photographed homeless people in the city for a project I’ve been working on, and then was lucky enough to capture the beautiful homebirth of my sweet brand-new-smells-so-delicious nephew. A full and wonderfully diverse week that’s for sure.

While life scoots forward with the enthusiasm of a goat in a spring fuelled vegetable garden, I’m holding tight. With this in mind, sometimes this little corner of the net might seem a little light on.

If you are after a bit more, remember I’m still regularly hanging out between the pages of Earth Garden magazine, proudly stand within the permaculture goodness of Milkwood and sit on instagram, tapping tiny hearts whenever a kettle needs boiling. Come find me if you haven’t already in those places, I’d love to hear from.

Now tell me, what’s going on in your world the last week? How’s your garden growing? What are you cooking? Are you milking goats, making soaps, or twisting twine ropes? Or maybe you’ve had an awesome coffee with a friend made by a bearded barista?

Tell me…

25 thoughts on “Perfectly composed

  1. Hello Ms City Hippy Farmgirl! I would so like to slip my finger into that newborn grasp… I have been hanging out at home (for three weeks now) waiting for my kids to recover from the flu; sneaking out to the beach to paddle in the spring sunshine; and picnicking on our back lawn. There was a midweek cookout on the fire as well. We are reading Swallowdale and like to follow their meal plans – everything must be cooked on an open fire and eaten outdoors! Lovely to hear from you whenever inspiration strikes and can be followed through. It doesn’t matter how infrequent that might be (so I tell myself). xx


    • Oh hear hear to that Alison. Everything tastes better when it’s cooked on an open fire and eaten outdoors….EVERYTHING. I was talking fire pits with my kids just a couple of days ago. Plans my girl, big plans.

      Hope those lurgies have shifted now, that’s no fun at all.


  2. Ooh I do like the image of a goat in a spring fuelled garden πŸ™‚
    I have spent this Sunday at a friend’s house who was hosting a spring lunch. We all bought a plate and enjoyed each other and our beautiful surrounds, deep in the hinterland. I made a lemon and yogurt cake to take with me this morning and have been making yummy vegetarian food for my friend who is staying with us. As well as resting when necessary of course πŸ™‚


  3. My daughter is a barista. Not sure she is quite up to a hipster beard yet but every angle counts in the coffee world. I have been crocheting slouchy hats and macrameing (is that a word?!) a plant pot hanger for a friend. I have applied a new technique to my repertoire for spring. I call it “plodding”. It involves moving into the fray in a slow, but determined way. Plodding involves the “plodder” to be actively involved in the process in a small way. Just moving forward and doing something in order to make a change in the status quo. I find that it cuts through all of my procrastination and that even though I am setting out to plod, I tend to end up doing a whole heap more than plod. Plodded up to Sanctuary the other day and completely made over the garden beds. There will be San Mazano tomatoes this year, and Japanese eggplants, and 2 kinds of chilli’s (one so local the lady who gave me the seed could have thrown it at me and I could have almost caught it), oca and avocado’s being planted out. I will be trialing chia and quinoa and 2 kinds of amaranth this year. This year there WILL be a good harvest and I will share the love around and I will save seeds for next year. This year’s plodding will result in so much more because the killer of productivity is procrastination and I have a Masters degree in that ;). I am off to shuffle you into my Instagram account. SO many gorgeous images tucked succinctly into such a small place that I can browse whenever my plodding has taken a turn for the worse. Summer is when we get spread very thin. Look after yourself and your family Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. The rest of us will still be here when you get back. Life is for living now πŸ™‚


    • Ah yes to plodding. Tiny little increments of nudging forward. That’s what the past several months have been all about round here too.
      Saw the most gorgeous garden on the weekend Ms Narf, a much smaller scale to yours but impressive non the less. I was totally inspired…ducks even. I might consider a duck or two down the track and I certainly didn’t have any inkling for them before. I’ll pop a post up soon and you can have a tiny peek into it. Permaculture goodness.

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      • Je t’adore permaculture Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. It gives everyone a level playing field and relies on brains rather than brawn. Thinking smarter, not harder and a whole lot of communication, sharing and enlightenment in the process. Can’t wait to read your post πŸ™‚


  4. Well said. … I think we’ve all crafted those prefect posts only to be thwarted by the real life, mind you, your real life sounds pretty special. I like one of the commentss above about plodding. That’s my week.. small steps towards the goals. Loving spring. Living goodness from the garden into the kitchen. Loving the environment I have the pleasure to live in.


  5. Ha! I write perfect posts in my head all.the.time that never make it to the blog! Such is life, isn’t it?

    This week, though…I got married! Exhaled from the planning and prep of it all, and then promptly began making mental lists of all the fall tasks to complete πŸ™‚ Onward on the most blissful and realistic path there is!


  6. I had spent my Sunday in my little yard preparing my plants for spring, composting, pulling out weeds etc.
    I also walked as an exercise.
    Here the day was sunny and warm.


  7. I can’t remember what I did last week, but the weekend was of washing, a trip to the beach and the invasion of bees (looks like they’re trying to make a nest in the wall!) which means we’re avoiding the back door. I have terrible writers block… I can barely even finish this sentence!


  8. Love that you do posts in your head. I wrote a book in my head while inside a motorbike hekmet racing through 200km of desert …’s still there but will be gone soon if I don’t start tapping on the keyboard once more.Yes am milking a goat , dreaming of 100 futures that could exist depending which way our feet take us and feeling the warm spring sun on my skin is waking up thoughts of planting vege seeds and drawing outside.Enjoying your posts and your instagramming and your writing wherever it may be.


  9. How well do I know the feeling of having written a perfect post in my head. And then just blurtying out whatever is available at the time of posting. And your image of a goat in a spring-fuelled veggie garden is INSPIRED and made me laugh.

    I’m trying to work out how to lay out my garden for the coming years – how to draw up the diagrams of wind and sun and rain that will determine where’s the best growing spots for each, and most specifically, where to plant the fruit trees that have been biding their time through the winter (and probably should have been planted out before this, but were delayed due to vacation), and how to manage the annuals for this summer while fighting the lawn. There’s a crepe myrtle I’m worried that I massacred a bit too hard, a banana tree that didn’t take the July-August chill too well, and slugs EVERYWHERE.

    And I had a decent coffee this morning from a suburban barista who forwent the beard (most likely due to being of Asian extract).

    Thanks for your posts! πŸ™‚


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