macarons || cityhippyfarmgirl

This is a post that celebrates…colour.

This is a post that celebrates, macarons, puddles, sunsets, pink skirts, cumquats and shadows.

You see, this is a post that is wholeheartedly celebrating those teeny tiny everyday moments,

that so many of our lives are made up of.

Celebrating those moments, and sharing the every day…

in a photo kind of way.

party dinosaurs || cityhippyfarmgirl.com puddle jumping days || cityhippyfarmgirl

hot tea || cityhippyfarmgirl

tea party || cityhippyfarmgirl

Partying dinosaurs that can’t help but bring a little celebration to the table,

and weekend muddy puddle seeking, because…well they can.

 A celebration of tea- that first sip of tea while it’s still hot, utter bliss, (tepid tea just doesn’t compare.)

And invitations to constant tiny tea parties.


Sydney sunset || cityhippyfarmgirl

The magic of a flower that holds all the colours of a winter sunset.

Followed by a real sunset… and that will never get old.


Celebrating small hands that still slip easily into our own.

cityhippyfarmgirl.comFor the desire to run and the freedom felt that goes along with it. He doesn’t have to explain it to me, I can see it.

cumquats || cityhippyfarmgirl Celebrating foraged cumquats in a country valley, that turn into delicious marmalade, on home made sourdough, on a sunny Saturday morning.

cumquat marmalade || cityhippyfarmgirl

knitted socks || cityhippyfarmgirl

 For winter days when I get to wear knitted socks that were made with love by my nana. Celebrating afternoon light that barely looks real, and that brings on all kinds of games purely because of the shadows and highlights it creates.

These are not big, large, life changing things. But they are some of our simple happy moments in what are often chaotic and seemingly far too busy days.

These are some tiny snapshots of life, that I am wholeheartedly celebrating.


This is the last of my posts using the loaned Olympus camera- I had borrowed an OM-D E-M10  as part of the Voices of 2014 competition. As I’ve mentioned in my last couple of posts (here and here) it’s a rather nifty little camera that as a keen taker of pictures I’ve been really happy to have had the chance to play with.

As a last hoorah, I’m going to mention some of the bits I really liked. (See my previous two posts for some of the other trickster bits I might have mentioned before.) 

colour || cityhippyfarmgirl

Bits of the camera that I whole heartedly celebrated

Compact- weighing in at about 400g, it’s a camera that isn’t going to drag your neck or shoulder down carrying it about. I’ve done it for hours on end and haven’t even noticed it, except to take photos of course.

Post picture taking and one of the stand out things is the wifi. I do use instagram, FB and email. The wifi is pretty much gold for switching photos from your camera to your phone. Effortless I tell you. No adaptors, no bluetooth, no cords, no dropbox, no emailing yourself a picture. It’s all there in your phone and I still say it’s a magical Wifi-the-Fairy type kinda way.

You can also use your phone as a live camera remote, which is how I took the knitted socks shot- camera in position, adjust ALL camera settings via phone (that still blows my mind a little) and snap, picture taken.

The Art Filters and different Scenes you can choose from are all there to create photo master pieces from too. Either within the camera or afterwards in the phone app. You can also use the Art Filters when shooting video, (yep, that’s a bit cool I know.)

Quality- For a little camera I was really surprised. Lots of oooh kind of moments after I’d taken a pic. I’d love to play with some of their other lens but the kit lens the camera comes with (14-42mm) it does the job, yes it does. None of these photos were edited, not even a whisker, (except the coffee pictures above which were done using the Pin Hole Filter as mentioned) I actually really enjoyed the challenge of finding the camera’s happy spots*, (turns out it as lots.)

birthday || cityhippyfarmgirl

* I also celebrated the fact that I had a different camera at my disposal with lots of different buttons. So ahem… I set out to fiddle with every little button and see what they all did- this photo and the earlier five shot colourful umbrella picture uses the template function, where you can join photos together in various ways.

Photo Geek Talk

All photos in this post were unedited using the 14-42mm lens, (except for the above shots in this section as mentioned.) ISO I used varied a little, but generally was set at 400 for most of these shots. I find shooting in manual gives me more scope to play with the effects of the picture but if I’m having trouble getting it all, the auto option is pretty damn easy along with the Scenes settings, (depending on what I’m taking the picture of.)

Thank you Olympus. For the return of your gear, you may now try and pry my fingers from the camera. 


Tell me, what are you celebrating at the moment?


31 thoughts on “celebrate

  1. Lots of quiet smiles here Brydie – I especially liked the dinosaurs dressed in their party hats and the pink tutu fairy and her happy stripey leggings – well, actually all of them – beautiful photos … And I do love the little gnomes who share your home. I saw you in the OG magazine – that was a thrill for me so I can imagine it was for you too!


    • It was Jan it really was 🙂
      The dinosaurs was funny. The night before the birthday and I’m for hours trying to work out how I’m going to get the little hats to stay on with various contraptions. I had to smile. They did though and the very excited little boy as the result was so worth it.


  2. What a gorgeous post Brydie! I’m celebrating too. Our cabinetry arrived this weekend! Great info on the camera too, I’m looking for a new one – taps or curtains seem to take priority though 🙂 — Littlekarstar aka Mrs Bok


  3. I love photos of life … real life … things that people don’t normally take photos of in life. And you seem to capture them so well. It’s been wonderful to see what this camera can do. We have an earlier model without then wi-fi and I was VERY excited to see this one pop up so when i saw you were using it, I wanted to know/see more. Nice work!


  4. Gorgeous photos and celebration of everyday hings Brydie! Those macarons look mouthwatering and I am a sucker for a partyhatwearing dinosaur x


  5. Awesome photos Brydie! That dinosaur one is great! It seems like a really cool camera to play with, but I just bought my new 1.8 lens, so no more toys for me for a while.


  6. Macarons, tea parties, sunsets, FREEDOM RUNNING, hot tea and spring afternoon light…the stuff that magic possibilites are made from Ms cityhippyfarmgirl…I reckon they should give you that camera. You made magic happen with it. It is obviously a great camera, but without you and your ability to see the possibilities, that camera is worthless. It’s people that make technology sing and you made that camera belt out Carmen Ms cityhippyfarmgirl! “OLE!” 😉


      • I think we should all take a vote…”Dear Olympus… I have one of your sterling little cameras but no matter how much I point it and click it and wave it around and try to be artistic with it I never come anywhere NEXT to close to creating the delightful, soulful, inspiring images that Ms citihippyfarmgirl seems to be able to coax from her Olympus. I think that you should give it to her because she has been an amazing ambassador for your product and has certainly made me think about upgrading my little camera to this sterling model if this is the kind of photography that is possible…even if the talent is lacking (in my case) at least I can dream…” 🙂


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