just a little bread and jam

lime marmalade || cityhippyfarmgirl

lime marmalade || cityhippyfarmgirl

sourdough || cityhippyfarmgirl

Jam in summer, marmalade in winter. That’s how it seems to roll around these parts. A steady supply of preserved seasons to go with the endless sourdough that seems to drift out of my oven. It’s a simple pleasure that never ever gets old.

What have you been preserving lately?


For something a little different, have a peak at ABC’s Organic Gardener magazine- feeling pretty happy to be squeezed in between the lovely likes of fermentation king Sandor Katz and Kate of Foxs Lane.



31 thoughts on “just a little bread and jam

  1. I can tell you what I SHOULD be preserving: lemons. Our tree is literally groaning and every day i think to myself, “Damn! I still haven’t made the cordial and preserved lemons yet.” Bloody hell, get ON it woman 🙂


  2. “FAMOUS!” I know a famous person! MAN am I going to name drop today! I might just schedule a visit to my neighbours ASAP…”Oh, yes…and by the way…have you seen this magazine? See this article (gesticulating wildly whilst pointing at the article with both hands, all fingers and most of my toes for emphasis…)? Check out that amazing sourdough bread and that lovely heart in flour… that’s an article by my friend Ms cityhippyfarmgirl you know!…yes…yes I have friends! Course I do!” I bow at your photographic skills Ms cityhippyfarmgirl they are amazing…Lovely article and that loaf of bread is the stuff that wholesome and most hearty dreams are made of. Kudos ma’am, you dun it! 🙂


  3. I’ve been preserving lemons any way I can! Preserved lemons (literally) for morrocan tagines, lemon curd for spreading on cakes and scones, and lemon cordial for lemony drinks. Argh! Do you think i’ll get sick of lemons? It’s also gotten to the point where im about to take a big bag to a local cafe today in exchange for coffee and cake. Waste not, want not eh? xx


  4. Yes I saw you in the magazine…I was just reading away and then’ There’s Brydie!!’ You seem to be everywhere just lately – think you might be able to call yourself just a little bit famous!


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