a boy and some biscuits

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Mostly the small boy doesn’t like a camera pointed at him.

Mostly he runs in the opposite direction to the apparatus that is making him stay still for a full 30 seconds. He might miss out on something. Something important.


Then some days he just pops up. Just like that. A wriggle under the table and tahdahhh! 

What are you doing mama?…and what’s THIS?

 Oh, and I want to be in your picture.

The longing. The hunger. The puppy dog eyes.

Disappearing only once a biscuit was firmly in hand.

Back to what ever mischief was interrupted before.


These truly were just slapped together, but as four out of five of our family members really enjoyed them I thought I would put them up. As they are super healthy and easy.

No butter, no eggs, no processed sugar, no nuts.

Honey Chia Biscuits

2 cups of whole rolled oats

4 tablespoons of chia

4 tablespoons of sunflower seeds

4 tablespoons of water

5 dessert spoons of honey*

Add water and chia together, (a gel type mass should appear pretty quickly- this helps it bind it together.) Add the rest of the ingredients with an extra 2 or so tablespoons of water and mix well. Put aside for ten or so minutes, letting the water soak in. Squish them into balls and squash them done flat on to a tray.

180C for about 20 minutes and then I turned the oven off, leaving them in.

Eat with enthusiasm and regularity.

*(swap to maple syrup if you want to vegan it up.)


22 thoughts on “a boy and some biscuits

  1. Small boy is not a camera hog then, unlike my little dog Big Bill. Point a camera at him and he POSES! The bikkies look yum — not too sweet with all that honey?


  2. What a gorgeous boy. Honey and sunflower seeds go together beautifully. Miss Arabella has asked me to go out and buy chia seeds for her today. She would love these biscuits xx


  3. kids love to do stuff on their own terms – I guess photos don’t appeal as they are being directed to stand still and smile. gorgeous photos and interesting biscuits – they look like anzacs but I would love the honey


  4. Brydie, these shots are so, so good. As are your words. I love every one of your posts! Haha… I can definitely understand the desired biscuit thievery. They look fantastic, and it’s awesome that they’re completely wholesome and easy to make too 🙂 xx


  5. Oh those biscuits look so yummy. Yesterday I got all these healthy ingredients together and made ‘choc chip orange biscuits’ …they were like rubber and even the goats won’t touch them…there are 60 of those biscuits sitting out in the paddock. I will try your recipe instead.


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