bok choy stamps

I always wanted to make a potato stamp as a kid.

I had a crafty-making-stuff type of book. Which I would scrutinise for hours and hours looking at each and every page, planning what I would try to make next. Things like walking stilts, a phone from two cans and string, and those enticing potato stamps.

I made them once, and was fairly underwhelmed by the cross I had carved out. I did a few pages of painted crosses and that was about it. Back to scrutinising the next page as to what I could make next.

Far too many years to count later, and it’s time to revisit. Although this time it’s away with you potato stamp and hello bok choy. No carving necessary this time. Just chop off the leaves, (a little stir fry for dinner I think) leaving a one inch or so stump for your stamp. Give it a generous lick of paint and there you have it, a bok choy stamp.

31 thoughts on “bok choy stamps

  1. When the weather was terrible in NZ (pretty much all the time) and we were bored senseless, my mother would get the potatoes out and we would carve into them, then dip them in paint and stamp onto butcher’s paper. I’d have never thought to make them out of bok choy. Very pretty! xx


  2. Beautiful! I carved a dolphin stamp out of a potato as a teenager and stamped the timber struts of my walk in wardrobe. I was that kind of a 14-year-old.


  3. Perfect rose! So lovely indeed!
    Any news on the mixer front? My microwave blew up this week and I’m thinking of a convection type- any ideas?


    • Mixer plans are being worked on! I’m a little nervous, and a little excited. I’m still not 100% sure though.
      Microwave help is unfortunately out of my league… I press start and wait for the bing 🙂


  4. I have to disagree with the first comment… the bottom can be delicious. I usually include them with the rest of the plant in whatever I am cooking but your post gave me some interesting ideas for just using the bases as an ingredient!


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