slow living

Slowing it down just a little more.

Some things have felt very rushed this last month, busy, busy, busy. Go, go, go. Sleep a little and then repeat. This post is a nice little reminder that not all was like that in the last month and in fact there was a whole lot of ‘slowness’ going on.

Slow living, slow food, slow entertainment and slow thoughts. I’m very appreciative of them all at the moment.

Create- Another crocheted hat with ears. This one is a gift for a babe with the bluest of blue eyes. It’s winter and that little baby head doesn’t have a wisp of hair. The crochet project bag is looking a little full, I’m happy about that though. Options.

Also played with some vegetable stamps. The bok choy being the winner so far.

Grow- The rosemary is holding on and looks happy and healthy. Everything else in the pots is looking a little sad, sorry and wintery. Whoever said, “Anyone who can’t grow mint, should just give up now”… well I think they are particularly mean.

Nourish- More bready, scroll type things. Half sourdough and half dried yeast. I filled these with almond pesto, fetta/ tomato, and ham/ mozzarella. Monkey Boy declared that six was probably enough for him, but he might be able to eat another one in a little bit. Hollow legs you see… and I’m beginning to get a little nervous of the teen hollow belly years.

I also discovered that radishes were delicious steamed. Tossed in with a little silverbeet, olive oil, salt pepper, and the clincher- curry powder on top. Served with a fetta omelette. It had a high probability of not working, but it did. It so did, (to be fair Mr Chocolate didn’t think it worked quite so well as I did.)

Reduce- Thinking well ahead of time for birthday gifts that will be needed throughout the year. It’s incredibly satisfying making something, upcycling something or revamping something as a gift.

Discover- I started reading Pathways magazine. It caught my attention on-line, and then my chiropractor had them to give away for free. Loving that. Free, with an awesome read that seems to fit in exactly to my head space at the moment.

Enhance/Connect- I met up with two friends in the park. Five kids and two babies. One empty popcorn packet= three hours of fun. Not a peep, not a pester, not a whinge or a whine.  just a whole lot of fun. That is incredibly satisfying as a parent. The Monkeys followed this up by playing with our clothes pegs for two hours when we got home. Laser shooting flying whales I think was the stand out one.

Enjoy-  I was lucky enough to be given a gift voucher from a good friend for a massage. Ooooooo, yes.

Lying there, draped in warm blankets, I could feel the tension just silently slide away. With each sweep of her determined hands, another muscle broke down into what felt like a pool of melted butter.

Ahhh, bliss…


Pop on over to Slow Living Essentials, where the lovely Christine has a whole lot more Slow Living going on.


25 thoughts on “slow living

  1. Sounds like a whole lot of delightful slowness Brydie – and a reminder for the rest of us to slow things down too. I love seeing your creation projects too; beautiful, beautiful hat (no doubt for a beautiful head!). And on mint – well, we are both out of luck if that comment is true, because mint is not a herb I have great success with either!


  2. In amongst all the rush, rush, rush, it sounds like you’ve had some wonderful moments. I love the crocheted hat. It’s in such a pretty shade of blue and perfect for a bald head with blue eyes. Great that you were able to get out to the park for three hours where you weren’t pestered once – that has to be a miracle moment for any mother. Keep going with your herbs – they’ll come back with a vengeance in spring for sure xx


  3. We’re enjoying all the rush rush, go go here. With school holidays half over already theres still so much we want to cram in! Hoping for another fun, action packed week ahead 🙂 Love the look of those pin wheels btw. I’d forgot how good they were in the school lunchbox 🙂


  4. So funny, as you’re enjoying slowing things down I’m getting excited as things are gearing up for spring. I can feel the sap flowing and see the end of the winter hibernation 🙂


  5. I started relaxing just reading your words!
    The hat is beautiful- as are the scrolls- and that picture of the tree in the park is breathtaking.
    As for the massage- lucky you! I feel like melted butter after a good massage, as well.
    Glad to see your life is fitting you so well right now.
    And as to the mint? Pfft- anyone who can’t grow it will be happily gifted with a huge handful from someone who can’t get rid of it fast enough. Mint is all about location.


  6. Am envious of your crochet abilities – almost finished my scarf and am keen to make a hat if only I can work out how to (once I have made dolly’s scarf).

    Our mint dies off at least once a year and always comes back – even in the shallow pots – hope yours is just hibernating! And our rosemary in a pot doesn’t do that well compared to the bushes that I see about me.

    Making presents is like double the gift – I wish some of those about me appreciated that more – sylvia and I are into making greeting cards – of dubious merit but lots of fun – and I wonder if we might venture into present making some day


  7. Wow! Steamed radishes! A girl after my own heart; toss it in a pot and see what happens — nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’d better stop now before I faint from all those clichés 😀


  8. That hat is so cute, loving the ears. The scrolls look delish, I really must try a few things like that, not that we have hollow leg syndrome around hear, we’re more in the opposite camp trying to convince Miss Three to eat something. The parks sounds like perfection and not something easily achieved and the massage is probably just what you needed.


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