eggs in baskets- Frugal Friday

I always thought Toad in the Hole was an egg cracked into a slice of bread and then fried. Turns out I’m wrong. (Thank you for the correction wikipedia) Apparently Toad in the Hole involves a sausage and instead my fried egg is called Egg in a Basket. I’m not sure that’s got quite the same ring to it, but it will have to do until I think of something else. I always liked the sounds of Toad in the Hole… makes me think of Wind in the Willows.

What you’ll need is some

small round bread rolls and

free range eggs

hollow them out, enough to hold a whole cracked egg

into a low oven (they are a good thing to pop in on your second shelf of the oven while something else is cooking up top)

eat them when you think they are ready

and serve with a little capsicum chilli sauce

(For me an egg is ready when it’s cooked right through, Mr Chocolate likes ’em runny.)


As for a new name…any ideas?

Bunnies in Burrows?

Fat Cat on a Cushion?


45 thoughts on “eggs in baskets- Frugal Friday

  1. We do these a lot but fried on the stovetop and in normal boring sliced bread. They’re called “Heggs” in my hubby’s family, no idea why. I’m going to do them your way, yummo. Bunnies in burrows 🙂 I like them cooked through too. Have a great weekend! Mel x


  2. Always called those Toad in the Hole too and I think I will stick to my name, regardless of what wikipedia tells me! I’ve always fried them though. I’m kind of intrigued by the idea of baking eggs.


  3. What a pretty looking dish. When I was growing up I had a friend whose mother used to make Toad in a Hole. A doughy sort of a meal with sausages from memory. I love a meal that requires few ingredients and can be whipped up in no time xx


  4. I never knew what a toad in a hole was but I liked the name too. Perhaps a change to wikipedia’s entry might be in order? 😛

    These certainly look cute regardless of what they are called.


  5. I used to love these when I was pregnant and breastfeeding – just the right amount of fuel! My version these days is called Egg in a Nest, and uses a squash rather than a bread roll in an effort to make it a few less calories. And then I have it with toast fingers for dipping.


  6. You’ve never had Toad in the Hole? It was a staple of my UK childhood. Not particularly healthy, but very tasty with lashing of onion gravy.

    I’ve only trade to make it a couple of times and wasn’t very successful. You can never cook as well as your mum!


  7. I did this the other day with an avocado half instead of a bread roll. Served with mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, and a little vintage cheese sprinkled on top. 🙂

    Next time I have extra bread rolls I’ll try it this way!


  8. When I was working for an agency in London, I was sent to a canteen where they told me it was Toad in a hole day!!!. I didn’t know what that was much to the chagrin of the staff waiting for breakfast. I can assure you it is a dish made with greasy sausages bread and eggs. There was no internet to look at at the time.
    What about Bunny Eggs….?


  9. In England toad in the hole is sausages baked in a batter, like a Yorkshire pudding batter, done in the oven and was a staple school dinner of my childhood, served with gluey mashed potstoes and onion gravy. I have never seen eggies like yours but they look delicious xx


  10. awe… I love eggs in any shape and form and same applies to bread. thank you for the good hint, this would make an amazing Sunday breakfast.


  11. I’ve never liked egg enough to try them but they always look so cute – am sure I have heard another name somewhere but can’t think of it – so I would go with frog in a bog – gave me a laugh


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