capsicum sweet chilli sauce

I wanted to make this chilli sauce, but then realised I didn’t have enough vinegar, and also wanted to use up the eight long capsicums I had, (bull horn’s.) So I fiddled a bit, a little tweak, a whispered please let it work and hey presto… capsicum chilli sauce. I think I actually like this one even more than the other as it’s a little less sweet, leaves the taste of the capsicums and still gives a dish the kick I want it to.

Capsicum Chilli Sauce

8 long thin capsicums

100g small hot chillis

2 cups sugar

1 1/2 cups white vinegar

5 cloves garlic

2 tsp salt

black pepper

2 good slurps of balsamic vinegar

In a food processor, blitz the capsicum, chilli, garlic and ginger. In a pot add add the remaining ingredients, add chilli combination and bring to a rolling boil. Keep at the same temperature, stirring until sauce thickens. Poor in to sterilised glass jars/ bottles or in to a clean jar and store in the fridge.


47 thoughts on “capsicum sweet chilli sauce

  1. I usually end up tweaking recipies for the same reason! Not enough of this, bit of that that needs using up… I think the entreaties to various deities definatly helps too!!! – Kara


    • The good thing about making your own is that you can cater to your own taste buds. If you like it more asian style go for the first recipe with the ginger in it and if you like it a bit more everyday whack it on, go for this one… or make your own “Kari’s Krazy Hot Sauce” 🙂


  2. I have been looking at our birds eye chilli bush with anticipation, ready to make a good sweet chilli sauce. I love the bottles and the labels…where do you get bottles like those??


  3. I’m sold. Will give this a go for sure. Your bottles look stunning, gloriously red and all dressed up. Ah and Sally Wise – I made her Roasted Capsicum Sauce last year which is now all gone. Total triumph and it even won me a second place ribbon at the local show. Yours looks worthy of a prizewinning blue. I love your preserve posts. It makes me think of the “farmgirl” in you.


    • Sally Wise really is the bees knees isn’t she? After seeing her demonstrate a few simple dishes last year in Tasmania, I’m sold on all she has to share.
      …and I would love to peruse your preserves cupboard one day Mariana 🙂


  4. No idea what sort of chilli that is, does it refer to the shape? Or do you take the bull by the horns when you dare to eat it?

    Looks dangerous and good, like all the finest chilli sauces 😀


    • I think the bull horns are known more as sweet pepper Joanna, or capsicum. No heat at all when you eat it, although looking at it they do look rather fiery.
      All the heat is in the little chilli though, and they ARE fiery little buggers.


  5. I love the look of your sweet chili sauce…they would make beautiful hostess gifts. I will definitely be making your recipe this summer when I harvest chilies from my garden.


  6. I just made out of boredom a freash chilly, garlic and ginger mix … njammies.
    Gonna try this this afternoon. I hope you won’t mind if i give this recipe to my cousin a chilly farmer?


    • I did try your recipe last night .. it worked well BUT .. the only chillies i had in the house was 50% dry.
      Chillies that is not 100% fresh weighs less than fresh ones. . my sauce kicks! .. but taste like something out of this world


  7. Yum this looks great, I made a cut down version (portion wise) so fingers crossed.
    If it works I want to make for Christmas presents.
    Any tips on preserving/making it last- someone suggested I use new jars rather than sterilize old ones?

    Thanks ps I’m in Sydney Australia and red capsicums are cheap at the moment 🙂


    • Hi Angela, thanks for dropping by. I’ve always just used old jars for any of my preserving, and had no problems with them. The chilli sauce I just make a big batch and then it goes straight into the fridge ready for eating. How did the smaller batch work?
      (I’m in Sydney too :-))


      • Hey hey yes us city chicks who are country girls at heart! The chilly saue was a smash hit with my brother who’s been living in Indonesia and likes it hot!! I used apple cider vinegar as that’s I I had.
        Ps I’ve got a cooking date with a friend (and her four kids!) tomorrow and we are making a huge batch for Xmas gifts. I trekked out to an amazing bulk glass packaging warehouse near Bankstown yesterday and got us some great bottles (far cheaper than any could find around the place, ended up about 80c (plus extra for all the effort- far better to collect and reuse the bought ones throughout the year). Thanks so much for the inspiration- I’m going to use this recipe and tweak it with another one and will post our process and results (and will link back to your page). I’m just new with a wee blog at 🙂


  8. Hi there, Just letting you know that I have been making variations of your chilli sauce throughout summer – in fact, I have a pot simmering away on the stove as I type. Great recipe and great taste, thanks for sharing.


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  10. Great sauce …I had red capsicums from the garden …grilled them first and removed skin …labor intensive… but great flavour..


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