Cauliflower Curry- Frugal Friday


I think you either love it or hate it. Is there a middle ground with this much loved/hated vegetable? If you hate it, find something else to substitute it. If you love it…well tuck in please.

Cauliflower Curry

a good slurp of vegetable oil

then add

1 chopped spring garlic

a diced onion

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp coriander

 1 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp cinnamon

 salt to taste

fry until smells delicious and then add

 1 whole roughly chopped cauliflower

5 small chopped length ways zucchini

2 cups water

cook until the vegetables are just cooked through, (you don’t want them mushy and disintegrated)

then add

200mls coconut milk

serve with some roasted cashews on top

27 thoughts on “Cauliflower Curry- Frugal Friday

  1. Unfortunately I’m in the “hate it” camp – but I can manage to eat cauliflower if covered in cheese a la gratin! (I could eat anything covered in cheese)!


  2. Ah , thankyou….. my friday night tea is saved because of you. I just couldn’t face cooking …but I have all of the above ingredients and I am ready to go!!


  3. I love it. Katherine hates it. We NEVER have it. Once her friend was going out of town and loaded up a bag of groceries for us that would go bad. She asked Katherine if she liked cauliflower. Katherine said no. The friend still put it in. Katherine was miffed, but what do you say to free groceries. They’re not friends anymore. I think it was the cauliflower.


  4. I love cauli but was surprised on the weekend to find that my brother hates it – how could he when we ate it so often with roast dinners while growing up! always great in a curry – esp how it turns such a glorious yellow


  5. Put me in the love it category please. Nice pic as usual – the humble cauli looks really appetizing which can be somewhat hard to achieve in a photo. The turmeric surely helps.

    I was just reading your ‘about me’. I hadn’t read it before – usually don’t read anything on side views. How utterly quaint! Such a nice intro and I love all the things you listed. I sincerely hope one day the ‘farm aspirations’ come true for you. I know for me they are just around the corner. Have a great weekend!


  6. Now aren’t you just brilliant. I have a lovely looking cauli and was thinking curry and I have some coconut milk to use up, but hadn’t got any further. I’m bookmarking this one right now and know what we’re having for supper tomorrow. I’ve even got some cashews – yippee!


  7. Although in past years I’ve always been extradited to the outside kitchen due to the pungent cooking aroma’s of cooking cauliflower…I still love it! Be it boiled, crumbed or currified….I can’t resist! It’s a winner!


  8. I’ve just eaten the curry for supper. I think it was probably really good, but I foolishly had a stuffed chilli with it and am now in need of a fire engine! Seriously, it was a great use of a cauli I had and the last of our courgettes and an open tin of coconut milk that needed using up, so thank you for the inspiration.


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