He’s growing up…

discovering new exciting things

independence and pride

and a smile that is infectious

The blueberry is growing…

every where

up down and all around

a spurt of warm weather is making for a very happy potted blueberry bush

I’m growing out…

ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes

slowly getting nurtured in a warm womb

radiating love out and radiating love in,

Β a whole beautiful bundle of it.

40 thoughts on “growing

  1. Oh, you sneaky thing! CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a beautiful bump and a beautiful way of telling us!! Sending all of my best wishes your way..oh, gosh, this is SO exciting!! πŸ™‚ xxx


  2. I was so happy to see a picture of your little boy- and when I saw you were waxing lyrical was pleased to read on! The picture of the blueberry bush is exquisite- so beautiful- blueberry flowers are my favorite spring/summer flower (in fact the best bouquet I was ever gifted with had a bunch or two of blueberries, flowers and small berries, incorporated into the design) and then… and then…!
    Congratulations, Brydie and Mr Chocolate!!!!!
    I’m so happy and excited for you- I’m praying for a healthy and happy baby for you to love and nurture!


  3. You do look amazing my friend. And after all it’s only right that you grow more mouths to feed for you ever growing repertoire of cooked, baked, boiled, wok-fried treats. That’s the spirit, girl! xx


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