I was linked up by the wonderful blog Bagni di Lucca for a look at seven of my older posts. I don’t usually do award things (as I’m a bit of a poop), but this wasn’t anyway and I really was interested in what had worked, what hadn’t, and just a general going through the archives as did Bagni di Lucca and other bloggers before her.

So I looked, and this is what I came up with…

1. Most Beautiful post.

I still think of the two little old ladies that I wrote of in this post from time to time, wondering how they are… A little Sunshine in your Sunflower Bread.

Sunflower Bread

2. Most popular post.

This was a tricky one to decide on as I wasn’t sure how to define it. Tasmania was certainly popular though. It seems a lot of people have similar dreams of Tasmanian holidays or possibly a lifestyle change. Keeps me inspired just reading what others had to say…Tasmanian wanderings.

3. Most controversial post.

It’s been a while since I wrote something a little controversial, so it was good to re-read this one. I loved the fact that so many people were willing to comment on how they felt on the topic… Meat…could you? would you? 

4. Most helpful post.

A lot of people come looking for Love Cake, (with a name like that, it’s rather tempting) so I guess that’s helpful. Along with tips on using Bicarbonate Soda, which is also helpful…maybe just not used together…. Sri Lankan Love Cake

Sri Lankan Love Cake

5. Most surprisingly successful post.

Actually this recent one on eating through kids books, thrilled me that so many people felt in a similar way. I loved reading every single comment, as this was a topic really close to my heart and I could have waffled on for quite a while…. Eating through kids books.

Kingcup Cottage

6. Most underrated post.

This one was back in the early days of blogging…Why cafes and kids simply don’t mix.

7. The post I am most proud of.

I’m still happy with this one. It was a post I did when the blog was still fairly new once again. I really enjoyed researching it though, as this is my family through the dinner plate ages… Evolution of Frugal Food

For the next part I thought I would mix it up a little, and instead choose seven posts from seven different blogs that I have really enjoyed over the past seven weeks. Go on, take a peek, I think you’ll love them too.

Che and Fidel– I’m a sucker for a newborn, especially a perfect little one like this…sigh.

Just the here and now– this gal makes me think, especially if you have a look at her 21st July post.

Myrtle and Eunice– pom pom bombing? This inspiring lady makes me want to find my nearest tree and pretty it up a little.

Richard Tulloch’s life on the road– I had no idea that I wanted to go to Iceland, now I know I do. Stunning.

Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide– Peach margarita’s surely would have to be definitive summer…which is kind of nice as it’s winter here.

She of 108 Names– food markets Chiang Mai style. We still reminisce about the street side roti with condensed milk wrapped in newspaper… So good.

Spice and More– the imagery of riding a bicycle through Denmark and eating strawberries from the front basket pedalling along, was wonderful.

* Oodles more wonderful posts over the past seven weeks from lots of other bloggers around… It was rather hard to whittle it down to just seven.

39 thoughts on “seven

  1. What a great post. That bread is making me drool. And I love the snowy photo. (It’s 45 degrees Celsius here today. No, I didn’t do the conversion wrong.) I always enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for the mention too. Keep dreaming of warmer days, and I’ll keep dreaming of cooler ones!


  2. I do like a good round-up post. It means I get to go back through and read your thoughts anew. You’re one of my favourite bloggers… A great mix of thoughtful, amusing and delicious 🙂


  3. I can vouch for that bread being absolutely delicious… in fact I think I may have been the receiver of this very one? DELICIOUS!

    I shall enjoy reading the posts that you have loved with a rather large coffee 😀


  4. Yes, I also love roundup posts. I am not always able to follow my favourite blogs all the time. Its lovely to be see some that I may have missed. Your frugal friday and sourdough posts are inspiring.


  5. Good way to spend a wet day, going back through this post. I had to read No. 3 and wonder whether you and your readers had changed their eating habits after recent revelations in the media about the way our beautiful bovines are treated. Now I have my own – 8 girls and Curly the Bull – plus our own chookies, I view all meat in a different way. I too have watched my cows being driven to market like one of your readers and cried – and I am supposed to be all grown up!


  6. I look forward to reading my way through your seven posts (thanks for some ideas for the Weekend Rewind too! I shall link to you :-). I haven’t read any of the blogs that you have recommended here. Am a little scared to click over in case I fall in love! Too many blogs, too little time! A fun post! x


    • I tried to a pick a few that aren’t on my usual suspect list. There are so many awesome blogs out there and quite a few different ones have been jumping out at me lately. Now if only blog hopping could be a full time job…


  7. Hah, there’s me thinking I’m a regular reader and I’ve only seen one of your seven before! So love the look of your sunflower bread, the sound of love cakes and the idea of eating through kids books. Will be back when I’ve got a bit more time to take a closer look – just off to work now.


  8. Brydie, I loved reading every one of your seven posts! Thanks for the lovely reminder of them.. 🙂 I think my favourite out of all of them was the storybook post…


  9. I haven’t read all of these, or if I have I’ve forgotten so it’s a great excuse to visit your back catalogue! I have a nifty new button in my browser bar with a pair of specs logo where you put your must come back and read pages and I’m going to click it right now as I’m off to bed. I remember a lovely one with your monkeys splashing through puddles with great fondness x Joanna


  10. Wow Brydie – I am honoured! Thank you.
    I remember reading all but the last one of your seven posts. It has been a great journey hasn’t it? And I have been glad to have been along for the ride with you, so to speak! It is funny (and sometimes worrying) which posts end up being the most popular.
    BTW, I am off to Tassie next week for a very short visit. A surprise present from hubby. Staying at MONA and one dinner booked at The Source. You will have to send me a few tips of what I should try and squeeze into my too short visit. V. excited.


  11. Thank you for mentioning me in your seven lovely lady. Your baking posts always inspire me and Magus. I haven’t made it to ‘The Best Roti’ stall down by the night market yet, but when I do you’ll know 🙂


    • No hurry. I can wait for pictures of delicious night market roti 🙂
      (I did find not a bad substitute on the weekend though at some farmers markets- filled with coconut jam and something tasting remarkably like condensed milk… I had two.)


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