sunshine, bare toes and biscuits

Sunshine. A whole bundle of it.

24C and it’s still another month of winter to be had. I think the winter season might have other ideas though…

That’s all people, we gave winter a red hot go. You all wore your scarves, your gumboots, your big jackets, and complained a whole lot. The other seasons and I have had a little regroup and decided that spring may as well pop on over as they wasn’t much else happening in her neck of the woods anyway. Enjoy.Β 

Fair enough I say. Enjoy we shall. You can’t really complain about clear blue skies, and a warming sun on your back to warm some tired old bones. Tired old bones this week as the Little Monkey and I have been wallowing a little in self pity. Trying to fight off a rotten cold that just won’t seem to go away. I tried wallowing for a little, it didn’t much work for me though. Monkey Boy still needed to get to school, Mr Chocolate was busy working and dinner still needed to be on the table. Nope, wallowing had to be put aside. Besides, Little Monkey was far sicker and needed a calm hand to help him through it all, as he really was feeling miserable this week.

Biscuits helped. I thought they might. Jam ones in the middle… but they didn’t help enough, (that’s when I know the little fella is really sick.) They helped Mr Chocolate and Monkey Boy though, as they happily ate his biscuits.

Then the week came to an end and so did the cold. A lingering cough for the little fella, but he’s right back to looking for his biscuits.

So an afternoon snack, packed off to the local park for Β some sunshine, bare toes and biscuits.

Coconut Jam Drops

200g softened butter

1 tsp vanilla

75g raw sugar

90g desiccated coconut

150g self raising flour

75g plain flour

splash of milk- (approx 2 tbls)


Soften butter, cream vanilla and sugar together. Add the other ingredients and mix well. Roll them into tight little balls and use something lying around the kitchen to make a little indentation for the jam to go in. 1/4 of a teaspoon or so of jam popped in and bake at 180C for about 20 minutes.


39 thoughts on “sunshine, bare toes and biscuits

  1. So glad you are starting to feel better. Warm sun always feels good on cold bodies. The park sounds fabulous.
    The biscuits look delicious and are once again added to my To Do list.
    Happy weekending.


  2. Using coconut jam drops as a barometer of health is novel approach! So sorry you’ve both been poorly but hopefully the sun being out and all traces of winter being banished is an antidote indeed.

    On that note I want to raise my hand and say ‘Winter – pffffff. What winter?!’ Give me a stretch of bracingly cold crisp days and the crunch of frost underfoot. But this was no winter in Sydney. And I for one, am just a little disappointed…


  3. These biscuits look like they would help with all but the worst of colds, so your little boy must have really been flagging. I’m glad he’s feeling better now, and able to enjoy his jam drops. Perth is showing signs of abandoning winter too, although we’re not quite at 24’C yet. Sunshine is a good start though!


  4. I could send a little summer if I could…it’s above 90 (Fahrenheit) here most days…I’ve been making the other kind of biscuits here (like scones but not sweet or fruit/chocolate studded.) since they cook quicker than loaf bread.


  5. OH YUM what a genius addition! I’ve been making jam drops for years but it never occurred to me to alter the recipe…coconut it is for tomorrow!

    Get well soon – all of you!!

    Oh to have sunshine back again…



  6. A little bit of sun at the tail end of winter makes a big difference – and jam drops can only help make it even better! Thanks for reminding me of a family favourite.


  7. I love posts that include little monkey toes!
    So sorry you’ve been under the weather, but it sounds like the weather down under has improved!
    Glad you are also feeling better and I think I would love those biscuits- I love coconut in cookies!


  8. Is your winter now over? Is it my imagination or was that amazingly short? Maybe I’m just envious because our winters drag on so – no winter here is less than 6 months long, but then there are many ‘breaks’ of pleasant, if not spring-like weather in there. But what I hate most is that our winters are dreary, and that eventually works on you.


    • Doc in comparison it is ridiculously short to yours. I think this was the coolest winter we have had for awhile but realistically it’s a few weeks. I usually say winter only lasts about two weeks in Sydney, so this year was a nice change. Plenty of people would disagree with me, but hats, scarves, gloves, very big jackets aren’t really called for, (unless you are super keen and want to wear them πŸ™‚
      The novelty of having a cold snowy winter would be lovely.


  9. Your winter is warmer than my summer! We are in the period of fluctuating temperatures and sudden downpours. It’s the Bristol Baloon fest next weekend, so the weather is revving up for that.

    We’ve had horrible viruses here too for the last ten days. So we send you all our sympathy and hope you feel better soon. Those little biscuit cakes look like so happy in your photo!


    • Joanna I hope your virus has found another home to invade, being sick really is no fun…. unless you get to be spoilt be a loving grandmother and bought endless sugary treats to coax you into feeling better- but I haven’t had that for 25 years πŸ˜‰


  10. Ahh, gotta love this sunshine – bare toes are something we definitely have not gone to, yet. Nice to hear you are on the mend, bickies and sunshine would be my healers of choice, too. πŸ˜‰


  11. Poor little Monkey, so glad you’re both on the mend, Brydie! Haven’t we had some glorious weather! You can almost see the sunshine in your jam drops.. πŸ™‚


  12. It has been pleasant for a few days here but the rain just wont hold off and it was a miserable day saturday when we went off to the city and braved the grey skies and duelling brollies


  13. Sorry to hear about the damn colds that just so get in the way. Cheered to see such jammy treasures. Smirking to hear about your “winters”. Maybe we caught an exceptionally balmy one when we were there, but we couldn’t understand why everyone was going around in coats and I had the beaches to myself almost invariably!


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