The week that was

Eating… Colourful lunches that I never get tired of.

Reading… About anxiety and some of her multi levelled forms, and Blinky Bill to the small folk.

Exploring… Crazy talented people* that always inspire.

Listening… To Paul Dempsey cover Middle Kids “Edge of Town” and damn, it’s good.

Enjoying… Neighbours who share their tree’s bounty. Supermarket mandarins? No comparison.

Planning… Lots! Cracking the whip, and planning because living like you mean it is a bit damn exciting.

Chuckling… At dusty wonky blinds, that for some reason to me are the antithesis of household cleaning, (and also the dog, because just quietly, she’s a whippet and they are hilarious and ridiculous on a permanent basis.)


This is the week that was…well a tiny snippet of it.


*If you are in Sydney over the next few weeks, try and catch some of Head On.

What’s been happening in your week? Lunches eaten? Books read? Maybe some of your own wonky dust filled blinds?




9 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Ya’ll know I am cray cray for buddha bowls. Yep we’ve got dusty greasy, broken blinds in our rental that I can’t seem to frickin clean. I reckon a good soak in a hot soapy bath would work but they are bolted to the walls. I may end up ripping them out and throwing them in a bonfire! Done and dusted…haha! My health is at an all time low although it is becoming clearer to me what my auto immune disease is and we’ve been on the wrong path. Somehow I’ve manage to have it together enough to make my library work shifts and I have to say I am rockin it!


    • hehe…done and dusted indeed! 🙂
      Zena I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been on the wrong path with your auto immune disease…that’s a really tough road. Hopefully identifying that though, is the beginning of a new chapter and one that is able to better identify what it is you need, in order to get better.
      keep rockin’ those library shifts lady. x


  2. Love that tune Brydie…both the Middle Kids version and this one, so good! Your lunch looks so delicious, makes me want to review my whole lunch program! Certainly dusty blinds at my house, how on earth is it possible to keep them clean?


    • The question is Jane…why would you bother 🙂 THere’s far more exciting things to be doing in life!
      Yes that song has been getting a high rotation lately, It’s all good.
      Hope your week is a good one. x


  3. Your week sounds wonderful! Mine included getting my head around my new job, DIY on all our donated furniture post cyclone, planting my edible garden and eating delicious healthy meals. Great week really. Thanks for listening! Hope your Sunday Momday was GREAT!!!


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