Educating your ears

The last couple of months it’s been all about the podcasts. And I mean ALL about the podcasts. Sure I’d listened to some here and there before but not quite at the rate I’m flying through them at the moment, (on reflection, it’s probably something to do with having three kids at school for the first time, yes ever- my ears are ready!)

Now, if I missed something interesting on the radio, I can catch up. If I have a particular subject I’d like to get to know a whole lot better there are generally oodles to choose from.

While there are some fantastic podcasts to choose from there are some eye crossing ones that simply don’t work for me and generally I’ll find the stop button fairly quickly. I’m all for giving most things a fair crack, but there is no point in listening to something that doesn’t resonate, I value that time and want to make sure I’m using it wisely. Educating my ears has been very enjoyable.

A few favourites in the last few months.

Conversations with Richard Fidler: so many varied topics in here.

A Small Voice: interviews with photographers.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert: creativity and all her shades.

Chat 10 Looks 3: Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales talk about art, books, politics and everything in between in an intelligent and funny way.


What are some of your favourite podcasts to listen to at the moment?


9 thoughts on “Educating your ears

  1. Great some new podcasts to check out. Last year I was so obsessed with women’s health podcasts but I’ve reached a stage where I need to listen to diverse issues. Thanks for some new links. Yes so hard to listen to the radio when the children are around!


  2. Me too! I have totally discovered them a few weeks ago and now run and walk with them a fair bit (or housecleaning lol). Thanks for these tips! I’ll check them out. I love listening to Rich Roll. Have a look. At times they are a bit long but a lot of them quite interesting. Especially the one where he interviews psychologist Melanie Joy about her work and the term she invented “Carnism”. Perhaps you already know her. But if not, have a listen. She speaks so well! The boys behind “Cowspiracy” and “What the Health?” can be found as well on his podcast series just like Joshua Fields Millburn from the Minimalists. Happy listening!


  3. I love Conversations with Richard – hands down one of our best interviewers/conversationalists. I didn’t know about Magic Lessons so I’ve just subscribed to check it out – thanks 🙂


    • Such a lovely surprise seeing your name pop up Rory. Was like a drop in at home from a good friend…Did I offer you tea??

      And yes indeedy to Richard. Some of those podcasts, just make you stop everything you are doing to truly absorb it all in properly.


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