The Song of Spring



She’s been whispering for weeks now,

just a hint of a melody at first,

and a soft warm breath noticed at the base of the neck.

The light longer and brighter,

changing with the fastening beat of the season,

tickety tick, tickety tick…

no longer the slow deep boom of winter,

it’s a light footed dance from grass blade to flower,

notes skipping from one side to another.

This is spring and she’s drawing us out,

with promises of picnics, new garden beds and ideas,

a warbling magpie joins in with an accompanying beat,

she too knows this annual tune,

this is the Song of Spring.


11 thoughts on “The Song of Spring

  1. Our Spring is a cliche. We went from August to September and on the first of September the temperature went up 10 degrees. Suddenly the birds are grappling for territory and everything is squeaking and squawking and I had the privilege of seeing two large Eastern Rosellas sitting on our back fence being dive-bombed by blackbirds. It’s still cold here and our plants are just starting to wake up from an incredibly wet winter but I can see buds on my little grape vines and the ash are in leaf so that must mean it’s spring. I don’t mind spring. I just don’t like it’s rowdy mate “Summer” all that much…


    • Summer… Summer in Australia is just hard isn’t it? Burns and bakes you to a crisp. I love that the water temperature is warmer for swimming but the harshness of the days can be just so brutal. Maybe not this year though, maybe it will be a gentle summer for all of us Ms Narf. One can hope.

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  2. Spring is so incredibly beautiful this year, I wandered around my yard and took photos and wrote about it too…it’s even rained, which is unusual, and has made everything more exquisite.


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