Time to get growing

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Yearning for something for a really long time, means that when it finally arrives…well it’s a bit bloody exciting.

So what did I yearn for? Sun.

Simply put, just sun.

Sunlight to grow things. I had grown what I could with 2 hours of direct sunlight for a number of years in pots on a rented shared corner of a concrete courtyard. I loved my potted permaculture garden, but with two hours of direct sunlight, well it limits things a bit.

So what can I do now? Now that I have 6-10 hours of direct sunlight?….Oh la la! The possibilities can make you giddy at the knees. Some people said wait, go slow, you’ve got years to get it going. Err, nope, no I don’t think so. I’ve waited in some shape or form for 20 years to do this.

Instead, let’s get in there straight away. Let’s definitely plan, and plan really well. And let’s not be committed to one idea, or even several ideas in the beginning. The first few years will be very flexible in their changes, lessons will be learnt and things will be trialled. It’s all deliciously new and yet it isn’t as well, I’ve been preparing, reading, learning, practising for what feels like all my life, now it get’s put into practise.

I firmly believe in the saying bloom where you have been planted…but I also believe in crop rotation.

And now with all that direct sunlight? Well. I think it’s time to get growing.

16 thoughts on “Time to get growing

  1. How wonderful that you now have the space to make the garden of your dreams. I still remember when I moved from a rented city terrace to a place with a garden — 33 years ago now. Being able to garden is a joy. Deirdre


  2. How awesome to finally have so much sun time. You just have to go for it wherever you are and make do with your circumstances. It’s great that yours have improved remarkably. I bet your three little possums love those cherry toms.


    • Their body make up is part cherry tomato…I’m sure of it!
      I’m rather smitten with them as well, they are so much easier than the big fellas to grow, seems like a no brainer for me at this stage of which ones to grow.


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